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iGeek Portable Charger – 9900 mAh Of Bountiful Supply For Mobile Phones & Tablets [Review]

1650 mAh is what Samsung Galaxy S II offers and being a powerful device, the battery is one pain in the ass which limits its usage. Same is the case with all the smartphone’s vendors are pushing into the market, filled with plethora of features but low on battery power. Though you can always carry spare batteries but how many will you carry at once? One, two…. three.. ? A better way out is usage of portable battery pack.

iGeek External Battery Pack is one such portable charger raking in 9900 mAh of “juice” with the ability of charging virtually any smartphone available on this planet! (Though the officially supported list is restricted but it works out of the box for all). Courtesy Thinkgeek, I had the oppurtunity to take New Trent IMP99D for a spin and see what it is capable of. I have delineated the review in separate parts for convenience:

First Impression

You receive a product and the first thing you notice is the overall build quality of main unit. iGeek portable charger turned out to be a head turner! It’s got a sleek design, beautiful black outer cover (fine finishing) and per se no one would be able to guess, seeing it’s size, that the unit packs in 9900 mAh of power. It looks small, delivers big. The important point is its build quality, the unit is gelled up together unlike in the last review wherein the unit looked fragile.

One thing worth mentioning herein is the elegant lights indicating the battery level of unit. There are 4 of them and they look just beautiful! Nice work new trent 🙂

Supporting Components

This is not everyone would give importance to but for me, getting additional supporting hardware components is a must. As an example, there are portable battery chargers which do not provide wall chargers or connecting pins and instead expect you to have portable USB chargers. Fortunately, New Trent does come with all this and added stuff like extendable USB cable (really really useful) and carrying pouch, which is a great addition to the pack.

Wall Charger, Extendable USB cable, Pins and a pouch. Complete package!

Battery Throughput – Stuff That Really Matters

Aha. Good looks. Check. Necessary wires. Check. But what about the actual unit performance? New Trent IMP99D promises 9900 mAh of battery capacity. 9900 mAh is bountiful supply and delivering the same is important too. I tested it’s maximum capacity for 4 cycles and was happy to see that New Trent did deliver what it promised. Though not 100 % output was achieved but I was able to extract 90 – 95 % battery from it. And believe me it’s a good number to go by. What’s important is that the charging time matched the time my S II took to charge via wall socket. So no overhead in terms of charging time.

New Trent comes with 1A and 2A USB power out connections and both of them are capable of delivering AC power to connected device(s). Not to forget, the 2A port has been designed to charge tablet’s as well! Area where almost all the battery charger’s fail to deliver, New Trent stands out.

Extra’s – Welcome Additions

iGeek portable charger does what it says. But there are few things that I believe are worth mentioning about it and differentiate it from other chargers:

  • Auto Power Off – Attach a device to New Trent for charging and as soon as it completes charging it, the New Trent IMP99D turns itself off. Thus saving unnecessary current “leakage” from USB ports. Not many would notice this but If you ask me, this shows the thought put into designing the unit. Kudos!
  • Included Pouch – Again, this is more of an accessory but for travelers, the accompanying pouch is a nice addition. You won’t have to look for a spare pocket in your bag to place the charger. Just tuck it in it’s pouch and you are ready to go!

Should I Buy It?

Seriously, this question shouldn’t pop in your mind after reading this review. I’d say New Trent Portable Charger is worth every penny!!…!! It’s a life saver for those who are glued to their mobile phone’s and are always cursing the dipping battery levels. Go buy iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger now!

iGeek (New Trent IMP99D)  9900 mAh portable charger is available for $61.99. Visit ThinkGeek web store to get it delivered to your doorsteps – iGeek Portable Charger


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