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X Mini Max II, Portable Speakers Redefined – Must Have For Audiophiles [Review]

All the audiophiles out there. You have been missing something great all this while. Something which is small but….. No wait scratch this.

For some music is in blood. And for them the quality of audio is as important as the lyrics itself…… Nah. Forget it.

Ever wondered what will you do without that expensive music system you bought when you travel and have this urge to listen music in top notch quality? Grrr. You know what, leave it.

Yep, you got this right. I was confused while composing this review. So much stuck in search for appropriate praise words that I could think of none! X Mini Max II portable speakers have this affect on anyone they “deliver sound” to. You listen to them once and will be blown away instantly! The same happened with me.

Though it’ll be clear in which direction this review is heading to but after using it for almost a month, courtesy X Mini for review unit, I HAVE to share the awesome experience I had using it. Read on to know what blew my mind away!

The Looks – Why Bother?

Performance is one thing and appearance other. I usually give importance to “looks” when things are portable in nature. They should look good when you carry them in your hand. The same applies for X Mini Max II and it turned out to be a head turner indeed…! The wine colour of X Mini Max II looks just ravishing. Looks to die for.

That was the color, it’s egg shaped separable units (see images) are darn cute in their own way 😉

Boxed Contents

X Mini Max II comes with a USB cum audio out cable with 3.5 mm jack on end, thus supporting almost all the devices capable of playing music be it mobile phone’s or ipod. The usability thus is virtually endless. The other part of cable, with a co joined USB at one end, charging the device is done via the same cord. One cord, Two tasks, less mess.

Another small but great addition is a nice carrying pouch, eliminating the need to arrange for a fancy carrying bag.

Performance – Small From Outside, Big Per Se

The phrase “Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover” applies well to X Mini Max II. The look small but are powerful enough to deliver even the slightest of acoustic notion if need be. The degree of clarity is way beyond what I expect from a portable speaker. X Mini Max II makes sure that you hear everything the lyrics have to offer.

On the Bass front, X Mini Max II has a special functionality wherein you can twist the head of speakers (~5 degrees) to make them pop up and add some more weight to the bass handling capacity. The difference is notable. Regarding the actual performance, X Mini Max II was extra ordinary when playing songs with deep acoustic references. It was able to put through the sound exceptionally well. And this is what blew me away. I have Creative speakers for desktop PC and they were no match to X Mini Max II (Laptop speakers were a dud)! No kidding.

As far as bass through put is concerned, It would be unfair for me to even compare 2.5W output with any other device. However, as per the mentioned output, X Mini Max II were great. Bass gels up well with their size and is perfect for speakers of this magnitude. You cannot expect earth shaking bass effects from a 2.5W device 🙂

What ’bout battery backup?

Sexy Looks. Check. Music Quality. Exceptional.

All is well but what about battery backup. Portable speakers need to load up enough power to be actually called portable! Well, X Mini Max II makers are well aware of this and have loaded it with 400 mAh of battery juice, capable of serving your music needs for ~12 hours without needing charge. This was what has been claimed by X Mini. For me, while using it, X Mini Max II failed to die at all….! I had them playing for 14 hours but it seems that mine came with 800 mAh power (Lol…).

No seriously, I always forgot to charge them before leaving for college and they always stayed with me, entertaining me (no girly tantrums… ha ha..)…!!!

Clearly, 400 mAh battery stands out to delivering more than ~12 hours of longevity thus standing by the definition of being portable.

Summing Up

X Mini Max II are small, slick and packed with power. X Mini has done one hell of a job in packing a great speaker system along with battery that does justice to title of “Portable Speakers”. This is one thing you got to, ought to buy irrespective of the fact that you are a music lover or not. You’ll fall in love with it (and thank me later for this review..!) and I can guarantee that.

Heads Up For Makers – X Mini

Although X Mini Max II is picture perfect in every sense, however there were 2 things I wanted to point out to X Mini team via this review:

  1. It would be great if you could come up with a way to add an actual battery level indicator. There’s just single light point, judging the level becomes quite difficult.
  2. A retractable cover for speakers to prevent dust collection. Might increase the overall longevity of product.
I am not sure about engineering feasibility of these suggestions but they, sure as hell, would turn X Mini Max II into master of all trades!

X Mini Max II is available for $49.90 and can be purchased from X Mini webstore by visit this link – Buy X Mini Max II


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