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iLuv RockWall 5 Ends Your Search For Power Socket, Charges 5 Devices Simultaneously

With the collection of my electronic devices always growing, more often than not I find it hard to charge them using the limited number of power sockets in my home. Thankfully iLuv were aware of this problem and they recently launched the iLuv RockWall 5, a portable 5 port USB charger.

As the name goes, RockWall 5 is capable of charging 5 devices at one time, all 5 ports charge differently based on requirement. There is one dedicated port for Tablet, 2 ports for iPad/iPhone and 2 ports for iPhone/Smartphone. What this means is you can charge virtually any device be it a tablet, wearable, phone, bluetooth headset, speaker, etc. as long as it supports USB charging!


iLuv RockWall 5 is small, very light and almost the size of a credit card (except for the height). On one side there is this power input (from external source) and on the other side there are 5 USB ports for charging, each supporting 5 Amp (5 V) output. In terms of build quality, thanks to splendid workmanship and use of high quality material, it doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. Setting up RockWall 5 isn’t a difficult job at all. It is very easy, just plugin the cord to the device and the other end to the wall socket. That’s about it. You are all set to charge your devices!

I tried using all 5 ports simultaneously, charging 5 devices at the same time and all of them charged without any hitch. All of them viz. Nexus 5 (using wireless charging plate), Bluetooth headphone, iPad, Just Mobile portable charger and iPhone 4S, charged as though they were connected to a normal power port! Another enticing feature of RockWall 5 which made me trust it with all these devices is its safety feature wherein it automatically cuts power in order to prevent overcharging and overheating.

Available for $29.99 iLuv RockWall 5 is a must buy product and a perfect travel companion. It certainly deserves to be on your wishlist! You can buy it from Amazon – iLuv RockWall or through their official website – iLuv – RockWall 5 (ROCKW5UL)


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