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Indian Gamers Exploring Career Opportunities in Gaming: HP India Study

According to The HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022, Indian Gamers are showing keen interest towards a career in gaming. The study covering over 2000 respondents across 14 Indian cities highlighted that gamers feel gaming offers good earnings prospects along with multiple career choices. The PC remained the most preferred device for gaming. An overwhelming 68% of gamers voted for PC, as it offers better processors, design, and graphics with immersive displays.The benefits of PC gaming are also persuading mobile gamers to switch. 39% of mobile gamers are looking to migrate to a PC for gaming.

According to the study, around two-thirds of serious gamers want to explore gaming as a full-time or a part-time career. Another key reason driving gamers towards gaming is the possibility of their hobby becoming a career. Gaming is also considered as a source of entertainment & relaxation (92%), improving mental agility (58%) and socializing (52%).

The growth of the gaming industry in India is also helping Indian gamers to try their hand at various career options. While becoming a gamer remains the most preferred, other options like becoming an influencer or a gaming software developer also interest them as per the Study. Women gamers are on the rise in India. Women gamers are eyeing a career in gaming, turning their hobby into a profession (50%) and providing good earnings prospects (45%).

According to the study, only 2% of respondents have received formal training in gaming. While most gamers rely on personal skill enhancement to upgrade their gaming performance, 32% follow a gaming star to enhance their skills.

Gamers are always keen to upskill and consume content to better their game. With the OMEN Playground community, HP is providing a one-stop destination for gamers to Upskill, Engage and Empower. The Playground provides gaming videos from pro gamers to learn from and an opportunity to join the OMEN Squad. In addition to this, HP has also onboarded renowned Indian gamers, providing regular content to help aspiring and budding Indian gamers.

In total 2010 respondents completed the survey in 2022, across 14, Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities across India. Interviews were conducted with a mix of male (75%) and female (25%) respondents between the ages of 18-40 years. Respondents were PC users (60%) and mobile phone users (40%).


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