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Intel India Unveils Intel Education 2 in 1 For Students, Bridges Gap Between Education and Technology

With the aim of bridging the widening gap between Indian education system and technology, Intel India has introduced Intel Education 2 in 1, a reference design for students. These design establishment primarily target the portable segment of PC. As a result of extensive effort of educators and students around the globe, Intel India has coined this inclusive approach with inclusion of software, devices, educational accessories, professional development and program expertise. Till date Intel claims to have helped more than 10 million teachers in 100 countries with better integrated technology into teaching.


What Intel Education 2 in 1 Offers To Students

To begin with Intel Education 2 in 1 has the flexibility and mobility of a tablet with the added performance and productivity of a laptop, allowing students to enjoy the best of both worlds in a single device. Its dual docking mode allows students the option of having the tablet screen face them when using the keyboard (thus acting as a laptop) or having the tablet screen face their peers for better collaboration.


In terms of specifications, Intel Education 2 in 1 is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor Z3740D, running Windows 8.1 atop and comes with McAfee Anti-Virus protection (for 5 years). On battery front it is capable of delivering up to 7.8 hours of battery life as a tablet and an added 3 hours of battery life when docked with keyboard. Intel Education 2 in 1 has front-facing and rear-facing cameras accompanied by thermal sensors and microscope to promote content creation and scientific exploration.


The device also features a tough outer shell thus safeguarding it against rough handling. Its rugged build can withstand drops from 70 cms and offers water and dust resistance. It also comes with kid friendly features such as a handle that makes it easier for small hands to hold and a stylus with a realistic pen-like grip. With respect to pricing, as a buyer the cost for each unit starts from Rs. 24,000.


Along with this launch, Intel India (in association with Center for Assessment, Evaluation and Research (CAER)) also launched a white paper, ‘Creating a transformed learning environment’ highlighting the need & importance for integrating technology in school based assessments.


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