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Just Dial Mobile Application For Nokia S60 5th Edition

Just Dial is increasingly becoming popular as a substitute for Yellow Pages. Everyone is aware of their pan India contact number 69999999. However, what most people don’t know is that Just Dial also provides a dedicated mobile application! In-fact, I, too wasn’t aware of this extremely useful application until i accidentally stumbled on Just Dial’s application while browsing through Ovi Store.

Just Dial application or JD Application is a flash based application (Tried on Nokia 5230, 5233, 5800) available for Nokia phones (as of now) running on S60v5 OS (touch devices). The application has a small download size of around 200 KB. It provides every option that Just Dial’s regular web site does i.e searching city wise Products, Services, Company, Name, movie timings, Hotels, Restaurants; and adding to all this there is an option to carry out advanced search as well, allowing you to search for anything based on some combinations viz. Mobile number, name, etc. You can get this application free of cost from the following 2 ways:


In my opinion Just dial’s mobile application will be very useful for those who frequently search for products, services, companies, etc. on the go. And the reason is ease of access. You don’t have to call Just Dial each time any address/number is required, all you need to do is open the application on your mobile phone, key in the name and get the results! And in case you need to save those number(s) for future reference, you can send the details to your mobile phone as an sms or email them for FREE! All in all, i believe this is a must have application for every mobile phone user and deserves a place in my “List of Must Have Applications”.


Do share your views regarding this application and just Dial’s service in general. You can get more information about Just Dial by visiting their website – Just Dial.


  1. please tel me how can i download justdial app on my mob nokia 5233 i m not able 2 do even after several efoorts

  2. Hi how do i download this application for my phone 5233. I’m not finding it in ovi neither am i finding any link here to download. Plz put up a link.

  3. It need access to Internet (allows to select one) for getting the listings from its servers. And as far as data usage by this application is concerned, it isn’t much (few kb’s). Moreover, i am sharing a useful application by giving an overview of what this app offers and not doing an extensive review. And my friend, you talked about its data usage not being mentioned in this ‘review’, let ,me tell you something, there are many more things that can be reviewed including Battery consumption, effect on ram, etc but i didn’t mention any because i didn’t consider them to effect the user (just like data usage).
    P.S- I believe few kb’s doesn’t hurt much considering service providers all over the globe are providing sufficient data quota’s.

  4. Does it work offline? Does it use the network? Does it allow the user to chose whether to work online or offline? Does it allow the user to choose which access point to use?

    Nice to note the download size and show some screen shots, but c’mon, don’t you think the use (or non-use) of a data connection (and therefore expensive data quota) is of utmost importance? Or are you so out of touch to believe everyone has an unlimited data plan at their convenience?

    Or are you just a shill for Just Dial?

    Sorry, I am fed up with blogger pretending to be product reviewers.

  5. Just dial is a must application for mobile users. Just dial always provide accurate results. Hope we get this app for other mobiles also soon.


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