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Use New Rupee Symbol Font With Microsoft Word

A new symbol has been designed for Indian Currency “Rupee” and because only a handful of countries have a dedicated symbol for their currency, therefore this is a proud moment for India. India finalized its new currency symbol on 15 July 2010. This symbol is a blend of the Devanagari (Script used to write Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali) alphabet and roman alphabet ‘R‘ without the stem. Though this symbol will soon be seen on the standard keyboards but no official date has been given out by Goverment of India.

Now, all those eager to use this symbol in their official documents (and/or otherwise) can get his symbol to work on Microsoft Word. Foradian Technologies has come up with a font of the new Rupee symbol, installing which will allow you to use this symbol with Microsoft Word. To get this font on your computer, follow the steps as given below:

  1. Download font from Foradian Technologies.
  2. Install the font by double clicking it (press Install on the window that opens).
  3. Now open Microsoft Word and under “Font” options, you will see “Rupee Foradian“.
  4. Select it and press “`” button located on the top left side of the keyboard.

Enjoy the new rupee symbol and be a proud Indian!

NOTE: The location for “`” may slightly vary on your keyboard. However, the key is the same. And Mac users, IBM Lotus Notes users, Symphony users and Linux users refer to the steps given here to get this symbol for your pc!


  1. After getting the rupee icon with foradian technology, one can type and insert this rupee symbol, but when you mail the matter having this rupee symbol, the recipient doesn’t get this symbol. There ` appears, instead of new rupee icon. Some it is not flawless. Will someone enlighten me how it could be received by the recipient as it is sent from my end?

  2. Seriously India is a BANANA Republic – Even our New Rupee Symbol , truly symbolize Corruption”

    RTI Activist Exposed Rupee Symbol Design Scam :

    for more information go to >>> http://www.saveindianrupeesymbol.org/2010/06/violation-guidelines-indian-rupee.html

    Few Days Back, Raj. Congress Minister have Exposed “Our Honorable President of India used to clean dishes and cook food for Indra Gandhi’ and because of it she become president of India..

    So now what could we expect in our country …

    To put it rather bluntly, and without any apologies, we are morally and culturally corrupt. From the ordinary cops, to the CM or the PM – we nurture corruption, nepotism and filth in our close proximity without battling an eyelid. Be it moral depravity, social callousness, or human brutality, nothing shocks us. We have accepted the “juggad” as the way of life. If there is “something in it for me” anything goes.

    We are tolerant because we are habituated to live on crumbs and proud of it – never caring to ask if we deserve the rewards that someone else worked for. We, our people, our institutions, are like street dogs – can be easily swayed from our goals by the scent of some easy crumbs that is put in out way.

  3. You cannot Copy Paste fonts for them to work. You have to install the fonts in order for them to work. HEre is how you can do it.

    To download and install a new font
    1.When you find a font that you would like to download, you should select one of the file download locations, click the link, and then follow the instructions in the File Download dialog boxes to complete the download to your hard disk drive.

    You may also want to make note of where you’ve saved the download to, so that you can easily navigate to it when you install the font through the operating system.

    2.Add the font to your computer through the operating system.

    If you are using Microsoft Windows® XP

    1.On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
    2.In the Control Panel, double-click Fonts.
    3.On the File menu, click Install New Font.
    4.Navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded or unzipped font, and, in the List of Fonts box, click the font you want to add
    5.Click OK.

  4. After Downloading font from Foradian Technologies.I’m not getting the install window at the side of Done option.. plz help me, Paritosh

  5. You won’t be able to do so in gtalk or any application other than Ms Word. If you need to send this symbol then either share link of this article or save a word file with this symbol and share thst file.

  6. I am using Word2000, but i cannot seem to find and replace all instances of Rs. with the new font. I am getting “`”, and to replace all instances of the “`” i have to do each one manually, is there any easy way to replace all in one shot.

  7. i am unable to install the zip file that i downloaded.. i installed but its now working with keyboard.. how to use????????? i followed the steps, but now getting’

  8. After Downloading font from Foradian Technologies.I’m not getting the install window at the side of Done option… Help Plz

  9. I added the font to my pc but when I use the specified key (`), I only get a question mark and not the rupee symbol. Are there some settings I need to change on my computer?

  10. After Downloading font from Foradian Technologies.I’m not getting the install window at the side of Done option.. plz help me

  11. IT industry is competent enough to get the symbol into usage. It is the govt that needs to get this done without any political interference…

  12. no official date has been given out by Goverment of India for this font to be standard?
    Typical bureaucracy and smells of lack of IT acumen- govt shuld also improve, no use just boasting about IT inductry

  13. It is the new identity of India. It’s the Beginning that one day India became superpower. I very much like rupee symbol.

  14. We should proud that we launch our Rupee sign in world. We are now 5th one in the world to know our currency and accepted by the world. After DOLLAR, YURO, POUND, AND YEAN, these all are know as a symbol or currency and now INDIAN currency all know as a symbol of success… I PROUD INDIA!!!

  15. I really feel proud after we have been given our country’s currency a symbol to this world & I just love this symbol 🙂


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