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KitSound X3i Portable Speakers [Review]

Being a person who is always mobile, I love the portability aspect of any gadget I own. And when portability comes with value for money performance, it adds extra zing. KitSound X3i Micro Mobile Tablet Speaker is one such gadget I decided to take out for spin when my age old X Mini Max broke down. A lot of positive reviews of KitSound products made me opt for their portable speakers.

Before I begin with the review, I just want to share that GearZap was kind enough to send across KitSound Portable Speaker for review. Appreciate it. Lets get on with review portion.

Initial Impression

First time I saw these speakers online, I believed them to bigger in size but soon after unpacking the product did I realize that it was the manner in which speakers were put together that the unit itself appears to look big. Anyhow, I do like the way KitSound has put together 2 speakers in same unit, resembles a miniature boom box 😉

It comes with couple of wires providing cross compatibility viz. Sony Fast Port, Samsung Jack (For older, legacy devices) and backward compatible sound jack converter. Apart from this, it comes with an extensible wire with serves as charging wire (USB port extends from one end) as well as 3.5mm Jack for connecting with device of your choice. Though I do love the inclusion of extensible wire however it is it’s build quality that irks me. The wire is way too fragile in my opinion. Maybe they made it so thin to use it with retractor but nevertheless, I always feel the need to be extra careful when handling the cable.

Talking about the unit itself, it comes with 2 speakers (10w – 30mm x 2) and has built in 750mAh rechargeable battery capable of delivering play time of approx. 5 – 6 hours.


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