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KitSound Beamer Bluetooth Headphone Review

Bluetooth headsets are more convenient way of listening to music. You get to enjoy music without the hassle of managing wires! I have tried a couple of more expensive options including Bose but not everyone is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on buying a Bose. And thus I decided to try out a far cheaper alternative, KitSound Beamer. Available for just $48.99, KitSound Bluetooth Stereo Headphones looked to be a great piece of wireless headphones. Let’s take a look at whether these headphones did justify their price tag.

Design Language

KitSound Beamer have a one-ear form factor with flexible pulley giving an option to adjust the headphone (vertically). The right side of headphone has multipurpose functional keys, capable of switching tracks, changing volume, playing/pausing music and picking up/ending calls. On the left side of headphone, there is the jack for charging the unit. The buttons are quirky, noisy though but they are perfectly designed.

KitSound Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Functional Keys

The Build quality is great, it possess plastic build but considering the pricing, it is well built unit. KitSound Beamers aren’t the lightest headphones I’ve ever used but they do maintain the comfort level with presence of soft ear padding, ability to adjust headphones (vertically) and self-adjusting nature. What’s annoying though is the ever-so-bright LED light. The light emission is very strong and pretty annoying in the dark especially when you (or your partner) are trying to sleep.

Audio Performance

Talking from purely price perspective, the overall sound quality is excellent. KitSound Beamer were capable of producing crisp treble, listening to Ashley Wallbridge’s Kopanang was a delight! In terms of bass deliverance, Beamers didn’t disappoint either. It’s a tough ask for a relatively cheaper wireless headphone to deliver strong bass but Beamer did manage to relay a strong bass effect nonetheless. I wasn’t expecting anything thumping in particular but even then you can actually feel a good amount of bass. There is also a built in mic which is sensitive and attending calls on is a treat.

KitSound Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Front

Battery Backup

There’s not much for me to say. KitSound Beamer does what the company claims. The manual mentions 16 hours of music/talk time and I was able to extract almost the same time out of it. No grudges here. A dead battery took nearly 4 hours to reach full recharge. All’s well in battery department!

Summing Up

Kitsound Beamers Wireless Bluetooth Headset are your perfect companion for watching movies and listening to music. Battery life is pretty astonishing, it serves you non-stop for roughly 16 hours! In build quality department too, it scores full points considering it is available for $48.99. All in all if you are looking to buy an affordable Bluetooth headset then KitSound Beamer is your best bet!

KitSound Beamer is available $48.99 at MobileFun Canada and can be purchased from their online store via this link – Buy KitSound Beamer.



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