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Logitech Launches Multipoint Bluetooth Audio Adaptor

Logitech has unveiled its new Bluetooth Audio Adaptor that will turn you wired speakers into a wireless sound system for your smartphones and tablets. The Logitech Bluetooth Adaptor is available in India at retail price of Rs. 1,995.

Logitech Bluetooth AdaptorLogitech Bluetooth Adaptor features a multipoint Bluetooth connectivity that enables one touch pairing for up to two devices. Connecting to two devices simultaneously, this multipoint Bluetooth adaptor lets you stream audio with just a push of a button. If the speakers are out of range, the adaptor automatically re- pairs to other nearby devices so that your music experience doesn’t get hindered at all.

The adaptor is attached to your speakers using a standard analog RCA or 3.5 mm cable helping you to control your speakers with a reliable direct line-of-sight connection from up to 50 feet. Delivering uncompromised entertainment with the highest quality acoustics, the Logitech Bluetooth Adaptor is tuned at Logitech’s state-of-the art audio labs, so no matter where the audio streams from, you’ll never have to compromise on sound, claims the company in its press statement.

Mr. Ashok Jangra Cluster Category Manager, India & South West Asia, Logitech said, “As technology keeps getting more ubiquitous, compact and portable, there’s a need for solutions that enable anytime, anywhere connectivity. Understanding this shift, Logitech has created the new Bluetooth Adapter that gives you the flexibility to turn your favourite speakers into a wireless sound system with uncompromised quality.”


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