MapmyIndia Connect Device Launched


MapmyIndia has launched today Connect device, which enables users to mirror their smartphone/tablet, or stream media from the devices to a television or monitor screen. This device is priced at INR 12990.

MapmyIndia Connect

With the Connect device, one can mirror their smartphoneor tablet running on Android and iOS paltform to their  preferred screen, and for which no wired connection is required. You can also enjoy games, juggle between apps, view movies loaded on to your sleek smartphone or just surf the net on a large screen.

MapmyIndia Connect-Representation

The Connect device streams the smartphone content through WIFI. The device can be connected through AV cable or Micro USB. If you have a TV which does not have a USB port, the device can connect with AV cable.  MapmyIndia Connect is compatible with all popular audio, video and image formats. The MapmyIndia Connect Box comes with USB-Micro USB Cable, DLNA-MIRACAST convert Switch, Wi-Fi Antenna, Wi-Fi/ RCA/ Power Cable

Mirror option is  available on selected phones only. If the particular phone is not having mirroring option, but having DLNA (ANDROID),  you can still project Videos, Audios and Pictures, through DLNA. If the particular Android phone does not support DLNA protocols then you are required to downloa “MapmyIndia Connect” application from the download section of the company’s website and then share the Videos, Audios and Pictures using it.

“MapmyIndia Connect is a unique initiative and a first for us. We have always endeavored to bring product and solutions that make the users more productive and keep them engaged on the go. MapmyIndia Connect is in sync with our vision of making the lives of Indians convenient and hassle-free. The smartphone and tablet can do much more but for the size of the screen. Now this will no more be a barrier,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.


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