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Mobisystems OfficeSuite: Create/Edit Documents & Excel Sheets On Your Mobile Phone

Creating full fledged document’s or Excel sheet’s isn’t possible using the inbuilt Notepad editor. The default Notepad can be used to do the basic task of taking down notes but not for extra editing features. Mobisystem’s OfficeSuite acts as a replacement of desktop office suits and provides most of the editing functions necessary to create a file. Since, i write articles on my Nokia N97 (as well as Nokia 5230), there was a requirement of a proper mobile office application and I decided to give MobiSystem’s OfficeSuite a try.

OfficeSuite Review

The installation size of Mobile OfficeSuite is just 3.5 MB (on Nokia 5230) considering the fact that it provides a near desktop experience on the smart-phone and has almost all the basic editing features. It can be installed on either phone memory of memory card, however it is advisable to install it on phone memory for maximum performance. Once installed, OfficeSuite automatically opens the files with extensions like .doc; .mwd etc. just by clicking (or tapping) the file from the File Manager without any need to open the Mobile Office application first (saves a lot of time). The home-screen of OfficeSuite acts as a file explorer to directly open document files instead of using the default file manager (as shown in image on the right), also there are 2 more options i.e Inbox and Google docs. Other than opening (editing) the documents located on the phone/external memory card, OfficeSuite can also access your documents stored online on Google Docs and also allows you to edit those docs plus upload them back to Google Docs!!

Google Docs Login Page - I wasn't able to use this feature unfortunately

Office suite allows you to create a document file and an Excel Sheet (no presentation/slide creation). Creating a new document is an easy task and can be done by clicking on the “Options” tab on the home-screen and selecting Document/Sheet under the option “New”. Mobisystem’s Mobile OfficeSuite provides most of the basic functionality needed to create/edit documents/Sheets, some of the important features being:

  • Ability to check for spelling errors (option to install dictionary(s) is present during installation).
  • Password protect your file without any hassle.
  • Search and Replace feature’s come into picture when editing large text files.
  • Easy Navigation (buttons to got to the bottom, middle or top of the page).
  • Ability to magnify the text on the screen as per your requirement.
  • Basic formatting in the form of Bullets, numbering, insertion of tables, bookmarks, etc.
  • Support of PPT and PPS PowerPoint.
  • Save documents with .doc, .rtf, .txt, .mwd, .xls, .xml and .csv extensions (Microsoft Office 2007 and earlier versions) (as well as open such extensions).
Easily added the cells A1, A2, B1 and B2 to get the sum.

The above mentioned functions are available while editing/creating documents as well as Sheets. And since various functions are used with Sheets, therefore keeping this in mind OfficeSuite supports a wide range of functions (Database, Information, Logical, Math, Date & Time, Statistical, etc) using which is very easy. I tried the very basic SUM function and found the application of it easy.

All in all i found Mobisystem’s OfficeSuite very useful barring few bugs like:

  • Unexpected closure of application while creating a document.
  • Unexpected crashes while accessing Google Docs (I wasn’t able to use it at all :()
  • No auto-save feature.

Mobisystem’s OfficeSuite is priced at $39.99 and is available for Nokia devices with running s60v3 & s60v5; Android; PalmOS and Symbian S60. A fully working trial (for 30 days) version of OfficeSuite is available on the official website of Mobiystem.



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