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Handy Blacklist: Multi-Purpose Call Blocking App For Nokia S60 Mobile Phones (Review)

We always feel a need to stay connected in today’s times to our near and dear ones, But alongwith the positive effect of being connected, there is also the social evil of people who tend to irritate you by incessant calls and messages and this is a negative impact of technology that you have to bear, no matter how much you try to keep your number private, it always tends to trickle down to the wrong people somehow!!

The Solution: Handy Blacklist

Epocware technologies, the same software developing company that have bought products like Handy Shell and Handy Safe have launched yet another software that helps you to block irritating incessant calls (could from tele-marketers to bad social elements). Handy Blacklist is an extremely light software with installation file being of very small size i.e 483KB. It allows you to create lists (for blocking purposes) from recent Received Calls, Contacts, Call Log, Calls from Unknown Numbers (not in your phonebook) or Manual input. You can set different behaviours for these lists i.e Allow list (for receiving calls from numbers mentioned in the list and Block List (for blocking calls in the list) depending on your requirement. Other than serving the basic purpose of blocking unwanted calls it also has Additional Features such as:

  • Set automatic activation time for a particular list (timed profile).
  • You can choose if you want or want not to be notified of the calls blocked during the blocking period.
  • You can choose to have an active standby indicator on your home screen for you to be notified when the software is functioning.
  • You can return a prewritten text message back to the caller.
  • Divert calls to a preset number.

All in all, a great software for people looking to block unwanted calls and messages without having to subscribe to call blocking service(which can prove to be quite expensive) by their service providers.

Handy Blacklist retails for $24.95 and is available for a variety of phones including touchscreen s60v5 symbian devices like Nokia N97,X6, 5800 Xpress Music , Samsung OMNIA HD and Sony Ericsson Satio, as well as for non touchscreen s60v3 devices like  E71, E75, E72, E63, N96, N85, N95, 6220, 5230, 6110. Before buying Handy Blacklist, i’ll advise you to get an idea as to how it works by using the Trial version which can be downloaded from the official Epocware website.


Guest post by Savar Suri. The guy who became an extrovert by being dragged to dance in weddings, Half-Architect, Loves coffee-chocolate-music-lyrics, yearns friendship 😉



  1. the problem is… v are at the diff places now…
    he’s not around… X(
    yes, tried called with other no, but blocked too…
    he’s very mad at me this times…
    Awwwwwww~~ X(

  2. i knew this app…
    used b4…
    yet, now I’m having a prob…
    i have a big fight wit my boyfriend and he blocked me with this…
    any solution?
    both our phone operating systen is s60…
    mine phone is 5530, he’s 5800…
    pls help me, urgent… 😥


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