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Monitor Activities Done On Your Computer

Windows Family Safety is a simple and free program available from Microsoft that promises to make Internet a better place for your children. It contains features like Content filtering that helps you protect your kids from the online content you don’t want them to see, with individualized settings for each child.windows family safety


  • Windows Accounts :- With this feature you get the facility to create multiple accounts for every separate user, means they get their own settings and you can even get reports of their internet activity individually.
  • Content Filtering :- With this feature you can filter any type of content that you feel is inappropriate for the user e.g you can block the sites of adult nature if the user are kids.
  • Detailed Reports :- This feature enables you to check detailed reports about the time spent on the computer by the user. Apart from that the reports show you the websites each user visited (or tried to visit) and what programs they used.
  • Contact Management :- Built-in contact management lets you decide exactly who your kids can talk to in Windows Live Spaces, Messenger, and Hotmail.
  • Change Settings Online :- You don’t need to worry about your child’s safety settings even if you are not at home, since this feature lets you modify the settings of each account online.

Here is the official link to Windows Family Safety.

My Opinion :- I think Microsoft has over-emphasized on the need of the product for children because if modified correctly (according to use), this may turn to be a very useful utility even for the big organisations. We know the fact that the employees in big companies spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social networking sites while at work. So this utility can be put to greater use to find out which employee is faithful to his work and his duties and hence saving time and money.


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