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NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus: Provides Real Time Monitoring And Protects Mobile From Virus

Previously i wrote about Mobile Guard, a product of NetQin and discussed about its usefulness in cleaning up the mess (spam, malware, unnecessary startup items, etc) which accumulates in your mobile over a period of time. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article then visit the following link:

NetQin Mobile Guard: Protect Your (Symbian) Mobile Against Malware And Spam

NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus Homescreen

In this article, i’ll be sharing yet another product of NetQin i.e An Anti-Virus for your mobile phone. Although there haven’t been many cases of smart-phone users being affected by virus problems, however in this digital age with hoards of important data being stored on your device it is very important for you to take preventive measures rather than suffering sometime in future. And for this purpose NetQin has developed a dedicated Anti-Virus mobile application for your smart-phone (supports Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android). NetQin Mobile Anti-virus provides you complete protection against viruses, malware and spyware. Running in the background at low power consumption, this application allows you to surf the web and download applications without concerns of a virus attack. NetQin Anit-Virus allows you to scan for viruses on your phone/external memory, provides firewall for 24×7 monitoring, basic system management and more!

My Review

As i mentioned above, there haven’t been many virus cases in the history of Symbian and personally speaking, i have been using nokia devices running symbian for almost 6 years and am yet to see any virus case! Anyways, precaution is better than cure and for this reason i gave NetQin Anti-Virus a try to see what it does. Installation is fairly easy, it installs the core

Anti-Virus Scanning In Progress

application along with an anti virus engine (with the virus definitions) and everything is installed in the phone memory (for obvious reasons). The application has a nice UI with tabbed view showing all the major functions it does on top of the screen in form of tabs, easily switchable. The application is pretty basic to understand and use thus you won’t be searching for “help” files. The home-screen i.e “Main” allows you to quickly run an anti-virus scan in your mobile phone, update the virus, and definitions, see the status of Network firewall, etc. Although NetQin’s Ant-Virus runs in background acting as a surveillance agent, keeping an eye on all the processing you do on your smart phone, however they do eat up the ram (if not the battery). Moreover, the annoying message that i get while opening the default nokia browser is uncalled for (why don’t they show it once?). And Frankly speaking, i found this mobile anti virus useless. Reason being, i access trusted websites from opera mobile, install applications after reading their reviews (not the one’s i review.. lol) and above all was fed up of seeing applications get closed due to low ram. Adding to all this, any mobile anti virus will be liability on your smart phone till the time you are careful about what you surf, download and install. If you are careless about such things (No Offence) then this is the right application for you.

NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus is available for FREE for mobile devices running Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android, and the latest version can be downloaded from their official website here.


  1. Firstly, Netquin is widely used and none of the users, in my knowledge, have complained about it installing a virus of some sort. Secondly, Symbian OS doesn’t have a “virus” which may have caused damage to device or hangs to device.

    The reason why a symbian running device slows down or restarts is the compatibility issues that symbian application face with integrated OS.

  2. bro im using Nokia E63 and i have been affected by this antivirus..netqin supplies virus ‘smtimes’ along with its updates..and it might cause u a need to flash ur phone…u mst chk the article i wrote on my blog
    Go to the blog and search for the term netqin and u can then locate the very first article..!!


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