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NetQin Mobile Guard: Protect Your (Symbian) Mobile Against Malware And Spam

Smart-phone’s just like computer’s are becoming smarter day by day. With each passing day, mobile phone manufacturer’s are trying to compete with the regular computer’s and along with this, the amount of spam, malware, trojan, etc is also on the rise. In order to keep all these things in check NetQin has devised a special mobile application which acts as one click solution to all these problem’s. Mobile Guard, a mobile application developed by NetQin takes care of all your needs. It has a built in:

  1. Application manager, which downloads the ratings of the applications installed on your device and allows you to un-install it as well. Moreover, the processes are also shown with an option to kill them.
  2. Boot Manager shows you the applications that initiate on every restart. You can also block any unwanted application from starting up automatically.
  3. Task Manager allows you to manage of all current running tasks and also shows the RAM consumption in graphical manner.
  4. Anti-Malware, is one of the basic functions of Mobile Guard. It scan’s the entire memory storage for any residing malware and/or potential threats and takes necessary action if it finds any.
  5. OS Scan suggesting remedy to increase battery lifeOS scan is a useful utility built into the NetQin Mobile Guard. OS scan as the name states scans the entire operating system of your mobile (Symbian s60v3 and s60v5) and suggests the area’s that need immediate attention viz. Protection against anti virus, anti malware, performance settings, etc.
  6. Clean Spam is yet another core function of Mobile Guard. It is a one click solution to delete System cache, image cache, Internet cache and installation logs. Getting rid of all this mess will get you more space as well as speed up your mobile phone!
  7. Safe Mode, just like the one provided by Microsoft in it’s operating systems, when activated closes down all the non-system programs/processes allowing you to block the mobile application/malware creating problems.
  8. Web Manager, acts as an important Internet bandwidth manager for those who are on limited bandwidth plan or are using pay as you use plans (damn expensive). Once you set the maximum allotted bandwidth (in MB’s), a small bar is showed on top of the mobile screen (can be turned off as well) which indicates the used bandwidth in comparison to available bandwidth. (Data Quota does the same task with minimum efforts)
Anti-Malware in action

The above mentioned functionalities are some of the NetQin Mobile Guard’s unique functions that make it a very useful application to have. Other than these, it also has a file manager which is pretty basic and has no useful function other than viewing system folders and hidden files on you mobile phone! All in all i found the Boot manager and Clean Spam wizard to be the most useful. I, would therefore suggest you to install this application and clean up your device, if not use the Malware scanning feature (There aren’t many known virus case’s for Symbian mobile platform). Moreover, it is completely FREE of cost so i see no reason for not trying this mobile application.

NetQin Mobile Guard is only available for Symbian (s60v3 and s60v5 OS 9.4 running devices). You can download the latest version of NetQin’s Mobile Guard from their official download page here.



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