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Nook Tablet By Barnes & Noble – To Give Competition To Amazon Kindle Fire

Consumers are awaiting Amazon’s first Android multimedia tablet, the Kindle Fire, priced at US$ 199 but according to various sources there will soon be another book – friendly Android tablet on the market – the Nook Tablet, by Barnes & Noble.

The company has invited journalists and analysts to a news conference in New York on November 7, 2011, where everyone expects Barnes & Noble to unveil the Nook Tablet.

As of now, Nook is an e-reader, but one with a lot of different versions. Some are black and white, some are color, some offer Internet access and others don’t.

The tablet is expected to be a lot like the Nook Color Reader, though one would expect there to be some more features. The price of the Nook Color is expected to be reduced from $249 to $199 to directly compete with the $199 Kindle Fire tablet.

Nook Tablet will sport a:

  • 7″ inch Vivid View IPS color touch sensitive display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels,
  • 1.2 GHz dual – core processor,
  • WiFi
  • Around 8 hours of battery life (with WiFi switched off)
The price is expected to be US $ 249, which is US $ 50 more than Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, it will offer access to Barnes & Noble’s expansive e-book library, twice the amount of RAM i.e 1 GB compared to the Fire’s 512 MB, double the storage i.e 16 GB compared to the Fire’s 8 GB and will weigh in a few grams lighter.


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