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Official 2000 mAh Samsung Extended Battery Kit – Added Juice For Galaxy S II [Review]

Smartphone’s are becoming smarter day in day out. More Ghz’s of power, better RAM, bigger display, et al. Mobile phone’s are becoming meaner and leaner. However, all this comes at a cost, the battery life.

To provide you with all this ‘power’, battery takes a good beating. And such is the case with Samsung Galaxy S II. I have been a proud owner of samsung’s flagship device for more than a year now and never have I faced any issue apart from mediocre battery life. Yes, even the 1650 mAh battery fails to provide the juice needed to run dual core, 4.3″ inch battery hungry beast.

The solution? Easy. Samsung took note of this and came up with it’s own official version of 2000 mAh alternative battery. When I say official, I mean the packaging comes with a battery as well as a rear compartment which replicates the one that came with your device. So, you won’t even feel like anything has changed (apart from the thickness of-course).

One quick question that might pop up in your mind. Why use Samsung’s official battery replacement rather than more powerful variants like Mugen power battery, etc? Well, for one, it’s official Samsung Accessory, custom made for Galaxy S II and other and more prominent reason being, it gels with your phone as if nothing has changed (with back cover replacement).

Onto my views using the official battery replacement. To begin with, initially the phone felt heavier and that’s understandable with bigger battery. My S II lost it’s ‘curve’ it had on rear. I loved that tinge of curvature near the speaker region. The good part is, battery comes with battery cover which is just like the one that comes pre-installed. Thus, there’s no difference in how the phone looks from the back.

Performance wise, I will not be going into technical details. Shall keep it as simple as I can. It’s like this. With the original, pre-installed, more than a year old, 1650 mAh battery, my phone ran for 12 hours and 7 minutes (approx.) with Wi-Fi turned on throughout, gmail, whatsapp, facebook sync turned on. With the genuine Samsung 2000 mAh battery installed, I was able to extract 17 hours and 46 minutes (approx.), again with same apps running and Wi-fi turned on.

Pre-installed battery performance
Replacement battery performance


To sum up, that’s almost 5 hours of added battery life and it I were to compare it with a relative younger battery then I guess the difference will come down to 2-3 hours. But, nevertheless, it’s still pretty good addition for extra 350 mAh of added battery life. For me, it’s been a life saver indeed.

You can buy Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit For Galaxy S 2 directly from Mobilefun.co.uk from their online store for $45 (approx.).


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