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Opera Coast Web Browser Released For iPhone

Opera Software has announced the launch of the Opera Coast web browser for iPhone, after initially launching it exclusively for iPad. This app can be downloaded for free from  the Apple App Store.

Speaking about the iPhone version of the app, Huib Kleinhout, Product Manager on the Opera Coast project at Opera Software, said,“Like everyone who owns an iPhone, I’ve often picked it up when waiting for something or someone. I was never quite happy with how apps and browsers kind of got in the way of the content. With Opera Coast, we have made content the main star of the show, letting the browser app itself get out of the way when you just want to kill some time. It’s the way the web was meant to be enjoyed.”

This app has following salient features :

The Opera Coast browser for iPhone isn’t just the scaled down version of the iPad browser but every pixel, every image placement has been re-thought to make sure it makes perfect sense for the iPhone.

screen568x568 (1)

Like iPhone which has the advantage of using its screen with a thumb, the Opera browser uses gestures to  take care of practically all of the navigation needs, with the rest handled by a bare two buttons.


Opera Coast browser has made web acessing very easy especially for small screen devices. The related search words and quality website suggestions appear as you type in your search words. Moreover, when you enter an internet address, suggestions for possible sites matching what you’ve entered pop up.

It gives you easy access to useful and popular content easily and keep you updated, entertained or enlightened in those small timeouts in life. Moreover, the special tiles give you fast access to the websites and increases the user experience.

Opera Coast works for the iPad, as well as the iPhone and can be synced with each other via the iCloud Sync.


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