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WeChat Introduces New Real Time Location Sharing Feature

WeChat, the leading mobile social communication app designed for smartphone users,has introduced a new feature on its app – Real Time Location Sharing, which enables users to stay connected with their friends and family at all times. In the current security environment in India, this feature will be quite useful for women as it gives a view of real time location, thereby ensuring their safety while on the move. The other plus point is that the Real Time Location Sharing with Walkie Talkie feature will enable the users to opt for sharing their location real time only with their chosen friends and family members.

image001 (3)According to WeChat, this feature has been widely appreciated by users across the globe as it takes social communication to another level. This feature can be adopted in various real-life scenarios like, camping where friends can stay connected with each other while on the trek. This feature is also of great utility for parents to ensure the location of their kids while they’re away.

WeChat has recently launched new innovative features like Real Time Location Sharing, Friends Radar, Cloud Storage with 1 GB as a part of its 5.2.1 upgrade on the Android and iOS platforms.

As per latest Global Web Index – a third party UK based research firm which tracks social messaging apps; WeChat has seen a phenomenal growth over last year in India with almost 41.8% of Indian Smartphone users using WeChat in Q4’2013. With an array of innovative features and a holistic social experience, WeChat has been widely appreciated and crossed a milestone of 355 million monthly active users globally.


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