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PO S800 Slip Pouch For HTC Desire X [Review]

Buy a mobile phone and you get plethora of options to protect your device, one of them is using a mobile cover. I recently purchased HTC Desire X and as any new device wants ‘respect’, I wanted to treat it well with a mobile case. PO S800 Leather Slip Pouch seemed like a nice cover to protect my HTC Desire X. Courtesy Mobilefun, I got PO S800 Slip Pouch for review.

Although, I am not really a fan of using any kind of mobile casing since mobile devices these days are well protected with Gorilla Glass on the front and matt finish cover at back, both of them providing bare minimum protection against minor scratches and scrapes. However, from the looks of it, the official leather slip pouch from HTC did give a good initial impression.

First and foremost thing, it is a slip pouch (you must have guessed it right by now :P). Inner region, encapsulating the device has a soft internal lining giving a nice room for your device to stay put when not in use! My phone fit in snugly, without any portion of device protruding from the top (as is the case with most of the covers). All in all nicely built from the inside.

On the exterior, slip pouch has a faded rough black leather finish with a red elastic band stretching across the pouch vertically to wrap up the device thus keeping it secure. The good part here is that the dual elastic band does keep your phone from slipping out of the cover. Bad part being, putting the band on and taking it off is a pain especially for those who are frequently interacting with the mobile device.

Summing up my review, everything about the slip pouch is great, build quality, appearance, soft internal lining however the continuous need of dealing with the elastic band from time to time really made me stay away from using this case.

You can buy this slip pouch and other mobile phone accessories directly from Mobilefun online portal – Buy HTC Desire X PO S800 Slip Pouch (Black)


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