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Push Facebook Notifications To Your Android Phone Via MB Notifications – Must Have App For Facebook Users [Review]

If you are a facebook addict and have an Android running smartphone then you must be aware of the official facebook application, the progress that it has made in the past few updates and the horrible push notification system it has. Now, there are different android applications that can be used to access facebook on mobile phone but lets face it, the functionality that the official facebook app offers is  not offered by others.

So, what should we do about it’s notification system. Nudge facebook developers? Many have done so and we are seeing what they have done to improve it (not much!). Here comes MB Notifications app, an application for Android users which takes care of all the notifications that you receive on Facebook! Cool, innit? The best part is, it actually works! You do get all the notifications, be it a new friend request or “the not so useful” pokes, everything right on your android device as and when it occurs…!

Here’s a review and my experience using MB Notifications for Android:


Let me tell you one thing, although an app like this, that works in background and shows notifications in top bar and/or pop-ups, need not be judged based on what, how it’s homepage looks. But still, MB Notifications has a beautifully categorized app homepage displaying all the notifications that you have received. And read/unread notifications are duly separated. Good thinking, I’d say.

Settings Customization’s

There’s a LOT to configure, so much to choose from! I am listing down some of the important and worth mentioning settings:

  • Customize the way you want to be notified, in the form of top bar alerts or via pop-up’s.
  • Ability to save profile pictures (caching) in phone memory or external memory. This becomes important for those will limited phone memory.
  • Update interval can be set depending on the your preference. And you can automate MB Notifications to disable itself during a fixed time period. Saves precious data cost.
  • Customize the event’s to notify viz. inbox messages, online friends, event invites, etc.
  • Juice defender mode that saves unnecessary polling in case there is no data network available. Thus in turn saving battery.

Overall Experience

You might have made up by now that I liked this application. MB Notifications, barring one or two instances where data network wasn’t available, delivered the notifications right on time. The only delay was that of the polling time I set but besides that it was spot on. Though it doesn’t really serve the purpose of “actual push notification” system but it is very very close to being one. Apart from the prompt alerts, what I also appreciate was the fact that you could actually open the facebook or any other application to view the notification by just tapping on the alert, unlike official facebook app. Certainly saves extra screen taps 🙂
All in all, MB Notifications is one such application that you ought to have installed on your mobile phone if you are a facebook users. MB Notifications and Facebook App (or any other app for that matter) go hand in hand….!!

MB Notifications costs 1.61$ and Download Latest version of MB Notification – Android Market Link

MB Notifications (Free Version – Limited Features) – Android Market Link



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