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QYK Mobile App – Connects Customers With Service Providers & Professionals

Qyk mobile app for Android platform works like a local service marketplace that connects customers with service providers and professionals. This app was launched in March 2015, and is curently operational in busy metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Qyk will be present in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata as well very soon.

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To have an idea about the usefulness of Qyk app, please read below consumer centric story:

Anirban was one of the few at a Marketing company, which everyone could relate to. He had excellent communication skills and was easy to talk to. But, this would often result into people requesting him for providing with multiple solutions.

This would often put him into a fix. At times, Anirban would have his best friend asking for a C.A. or a Tax Consultant to keep his finances secured. The next moment he would have colleague ask for the best universities in Philippines and the list would forever go on. This would often eat up a lot of his time, at times hindering with his work. That is until, he stumbled upon Facebook an advertisement for Qyk.

Being advertised as a service oriented marketplace, he downloaded the app and tried out a few services, first on himself. Turned out, that he was able to speed up his home re-decorating work quite significantly, without having to manually look up for service providers. An added bonus that he liked was that, he was able to competitively compare the services of different providers.

After having his own work completed, Anirban soon explored the other services provided by the application & started using & suggesting its use to his other friends as well.

Anirban is one among the many who have benefitted by using the app. Twins Tarun & Varun were on the lookout for good lawyers & consultants, who could help them adhere to their family will and make sound financial investments so as to not be commercially challenged.

Tanvi, found a different use for the same app. Ladder in her case had a different meaning altogether. Her kids, had just passed their boards with flying colors & were now on the lookout for some career guidance. Each of them had their own dreams, but required external help to make them achieve it. For them, Qyk was the answer.

Being freely available for download and an open forum to showcase multiple services, millions of users now make it a point to reach out to the app to quickly gather solutions requiring professional support.

Qyk can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


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