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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Review – Tablet Minus The Bulk Of Laptop

The tablet segment has seen varying screen sizes in past couple of years. There have been 7″ inch devices, which were pocket-able to some extent and there are 10″ inch iPad’s requiring the need for a separate carry case. Each of them serving one purpose or other. What’s worth noting is that not many hardware manufacturer’s breached the 10″ inch mark probably because beyond that the device isn’t really portable (and bulky) and the fact that Android platform isn’t as suitable for multitasking as Windows 8.


But Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro is an exception to my perception. It features a 12.2″ inch, 2560×1600 resolution display (roughly 247 ppi density), comes with an active digitizer stylus and is powered by 1.9 GHz quad-core processor coupled with 3 GB of RAM. The specifications isn’t the best part though, what really stands out is the inclusion of Multi-Window with support of up-to 4 applications! You’ll know why it is the best thing about Note Pro. More on that later.

As the Managing Editor of TechVorm, a typical work day involves reading feeds, skimming through the internet in a bid to keep myself updated, taking notes, keeping a tab on email accounts (and replying) as well as ensuring that the back-end of the portal is in pristine form. That’s more of screen gazing and less of typing task. This is particularly why I was excited to dive into 4 way Multi-Window multi-tasking. Thanks to 12″2 inch screen estate, I always felt like I had enough space to work with. I own an iPad 3 and have extensively used Multi-Window feature (limited to 2 window support) but on Galaxy Note Pro I was working in a way that just isn’t possible on either of the devices.


Another noticeable software (and hardware) inclusion is the Samsung “S Pen” stylus. Before I share how it was useful to me, its necessary for you, as a user, to understand that the usability of “S Pen” varies greatly from individual to individual. Back to the topic, the “S Pen” is particularly useful if you intend to use it with Samsung’s own applications and not so much otherwise. I, for one, found it very useful for note taking (an important part of my daily activity). This holds particularly true in case of note taking wherein I could easily scribble notes in S Note app, in my very own ridiculous handwriting (not really proud of it) and view it later. Also with Samsung Sketchbook application which allowed my 2 year old friend to sketch with different colors (and thus keeping him busy ;)). Again, the usability of “S Pen” is debatable but for me it was useful while working and for leisure activities as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is a power house with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and 3 GB RAM running the latest iteration of Android (version 4.4). With these specs the Galaxy Note Pro was a breeze to use, it was zippy and handled multi-tasking very well. Even the most resource intensive game GTA ran buttery smooth. No lag, hang whatsoever. All things aside, one thing is for sure, you’ll not be waiting for your tasks to be done!


In terms of portability, Galaxy Note Pro isn’t amongst the most portable devices around with weight of around 750 g and 12.2″ inch of display size. My biggest concern was the degree of comfort level which would be sacrificed with not-so-usual screen size and to my surprise it isn’t much! I didn’t feel like the screen was too big to use comfortably, though you should refrain from using it as a calling device, putting it next to your ear (use bluetooth instead). This being said, you’d still require a carry bag in order to take it along with you or army pants with extra large pockets 😉

For a tablet carrying a hefty price tag, you would want it to be more than just a Android running hardware utilizing the Google Apps suite, do more than the basic multi-tasking functionality offered by Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro handles the latter part very well but falls short on the former issue. There is no doubt that Note Pro with its Multi-Window feature does multitasking very well but not every app is supported, you always feel left behind wanting for more. This is definitely not a deal breaker considering the fact that Samsung is actively involving more and more developers to work with their own SDK. The supported applications will eventually increase.

Everything being said and discussed you might ask, From whom is this tablet for? Note Pro works best for those who don’t want to carry the bulk of laptop but still want to carry a device capable of performing their basic tasks without a hitch.

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