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The Secret Behind UC Browser Users Downloading Like a Monster

Have you ever wondered how UC Browser manages to download your files at such lightning fast speeds? We explain you the secret behind UC Browser’s download feature.

download (35)It all started with a bit of market research by UC Web carried out for Indian mobile internet users. It was found that downloading was a favorite activity among their fans in India. However, the mobile internet conditions in India are not ideal, so sometimes downloading files can be really challenging.

With this insight in mind, UC Web set out to improve UC Browser by adopting multi-thread download technology to improve download speeds no matter what the network condition is.

Every time you download a file, UC Browser first determines the condition of your internet connection and the capabilities of your phone’s hardware. After this, UC Browser splits the file to be downloaded into multiple parts and proceeds to download them separately via the most optimal channels. When all the parts have finished downloading, UC Browser merges the file back together and saves it to your phone’s memory.

Although it sounds like a lot of things are going on, all these happen in an instant! That’s why you can download your music and video files without having to wait long. With this fantastic technology built into UC Browser, all UC Browser users can now enjoy downloading like a monster!

Can you share with us your own downloading experience with UC Browser? You can leave your comments on our blog.


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