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Seven Reasons To Buy Gionee ELIFE S7 Smartphone


Chinese giant Gionee has launched today its latest flagship smartphone ELIFE S7 with a fanfare in Hyderabad at a price of Rs. 24,999. This smartphone takes Ultra Slim story started by Gionee to next level. Besides its USP of slimness ( it has thickness of 5.5 mm ), the ELIFE S7 has many features, which will compell the prospective customers to possess this newly launched device.


Design : For designing ELIFE S7, Gionee has taken inspiration from U-shape design of railway tracks. The metal used on ELIFE S7 is aviation level aluminum magnesium alloy, making the skeleton solid and durable, which the company claims will not ”bend like iPhone.” The design of ELIFE S7 has a high glossy finish and metal effect with two parallel metal light lines. This phone can be comfortably used with one hand.



Display : The ELIFE S7 features a 5.2 inches Samsung made Super AMOLED full HD Display (1920×1080) with 424 PPI with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. On the dispaly, you will get good reproduction of images in bright colors. The display size of ELIFE S7 is the ideal size for various functions and the device fits easily into your front pocket of shirt or in your trouser.

Dual SIM Device & 4G connectivity : The ELIFE S7 S7 is the first ultra slim phone that supports Dual SIM, multi-band and multi-mode such as 4G FDD/TDD LTE and 3G WCDMA/TDSCDMA. With the expansion of 4G in India, this feature of ELIFE S7 will be very useful to those users who would switch to 4G the moment it is available in their circle.


Camera : Good camera in a smartphone has become its integral feature and Gionee understand this very well. The ELIFE S7 comes with powerful Sony Exnor 13MP, which is flat. Normally the rear cameras even in slim phones are protuding, but not in the case of ELIFE S7. This camera incorporates Gionee’s self-developed ‘Image+’ image processing system, which enables users to shoot high quality images with easier user experience. The quality of images is crisp, sharp and color reproduction is upto the mark. For selfies, this camera also houses an 8MP front camera with intelligent Face beauty 3.0 technology, which enable users to enhance face beauty.


Chameleon Feature : The ELIFE S7 has Chamleon feature, which enable the users to change the color of their wall papers as per their choice.

Battery :  The S7 is packed with a 595 density 2700 mAh battery, which is claimed to be the highest among ultra slim phones in the market. Gionee has optimized both the hardware and software performance to lower battery consumption. The battery of S7  is claimed to last for full one day and also has a unique extreme mode, which automatically enables 10% of remaining battery power to potentially last for 33 hours 45 minutes standby time by freezing functions except calling and text messages to ensure basic communications.


Easy Availability : Besides above powerful features, the Gionee ELIFE S7 will be readily available across its retail channels across India and one does not have to wait endlessly to get it via flash sales method adopted by few Chinese companies.


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