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Shred Your Way Through With Fellowess 79Ci Shredder – Complete Shredding Solution! #FellowesInc

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

In homes and offices, we face predicament how to destroy piled up sensitive documents so that there is remote chance of any information being used for fraudulent practices.

Normally, we tear off the papers four times and throw in the dustbin, which is very dangerous way of destroying the sensitive papers as if these torn papers reach the hands a con-man, they can easily piece together the documents and get the confidential information. Other practice in developing countries is to consign the documents to fire, which is unsafe and environmental hazard.

So, what to do to dispense with useless but sensitive documents? The best way to destroy the documents is to put them in shredders and Fellowess 79ci is one of the best featured paper shredder available in the market.

Why Use Fellowess 79ci?

What makes Fellowess 79ci ‘the best’ among the rest is the fact that it overcomes some of the very basic problems faced by shredders. The prominent one’s being:
  • One of the main problem faced when documents are fed to the shredder is that it gets jammed quite often. Fellowess is the only brand which has 100% Jam Proof technology. This innovative technology stops paper jams before they start by preventing paper overloads and by powering through would be jams from mis-fed paper. If a misfeed occurs, the Jam Proof System will power through it! Blocking paper jams before they occur, ensures frustration free shredding!
  • Its Cross-Cut technology permits its heavy-duty blades to destroy a single sheet of paper into 399 particles, making it impossible to piece back your secret letters :p (Lol… Kidding!)
  • Not only 79Ci shredder can shred documents, but also CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Thus making it essentially a complete disposal solution.

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Sounds Great! But What Makes It Stand Out?

The functionality is great, trust is there but there is this small thing that we tend to neglect as a user i.e the noise levels. The makers of Fellowess 79ci have intelligently addressed this issue by using their patented SilentShred technology that offers ultra-quiet performance thus allowing you to use it both in a shared office or at home without annoying your colleagues or relatives.

Another teeny weeny but worth mentioning feature is its patented SafeSense technology. Fellowess 79ci comes with the ability to automatically disable the shredder when hands touch the paper opening. This makes sure that your safety is guaranteed in this shredder.

I Am Game! Temme How Do I Buy It…?!

In my humble opinion, Fellowess 79ci is a complete paper handling solution bringing in functionalities that proves to be greatly useful (jam proof for one!). Though I’d love to know which of this features do you like the most 🙂

All in all if you can get paper shredder with so many features and full of safety then what is the need to destroy the papers in conventional and unsafe way. Do not think further and take home/office this shredder and prevent identity theft.

Fellowess 79ci is available at a cost of $239.99 and can be ordered directly from Fellowes website. Follow this link to order it now! – Fellowes 79Ci

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