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SPB Mobile Shell: Breathe Life Into Nokia/Windows Touch Phone (Review)

Nokia Touch phone’s have the ability to show different home-screen’s depending on the requirements of users. However, they aren’t versatile, configuration is limited to adding/removing shortcuts. Taking into consideration the need of a good home-screen and grabbing the opportunity to develop the best possible home-screen, SPB Software has come up with a Mobile Shell designed for Nokia (touch) and Windows Mobile (Touch i.e Pocket PC) phone’s. In simple words, SPB Mobile Shell is a feature rich mobile application that allows you to overcome the boredom of using Nokia home-screen’s/menu by replacing them with revamped User Interface.

SPB Mobile Shell Review

SPB Mobile Shell Homescreen

Beginning with the installation size, since SPB Mobile Shell completely replaces the default Nokia menu therefore a heavy installation was expected. It needed approximately 6.3 MB disk space and in order to get maximum performance I installed it on Phone memory (You should do the same as well!). Once installed, it starts up automatically and shows a beautiful home-screen. My initial expression was utterance of the word “Awesome” after seeing the amazing home-screen with 3 (default, can be changed) swipe-able carousels, each having a different purposes.

Drag & Drop widgets on homescreen

The Home-screen can be changed as well and you have 2 options to choose from i.e Lifestyle and Professional, though both of them can be made to look same however it comes in handy to classify your home-screen separately for work and home. It’s like having different pages with the ability to put whatever you want (literally), wherever you want to! Adding to this, Home-screen can be viewed in Portrait as well as Landscape mode, a feature for which i have been waiting for a long time to be implemented by Nokia. As far as the customization of SPB Mobile Shell is concerned it beats Nokia’s home-screen by a long long distance because of the fact that you can practically add any widget to any place on the home-screen with minimal efforts.

3D Carousels

The home-screen has 2 fixed icons viz. Contacts and Launcher button. Contacts button has 3 sub options i.e All Contacts, Favourites (cam be added manually) and Call log, all of them having a revamped UI with a refreshing look! Launcher button on the other hand shows a list of most frequently used programs which comes in handy as it’ll save you from cramping your home-screen with Program shortcut icons, as well as SPB Menu (replacement of Nokia’s default menu) which covers almost all the area’s of your device. Regarding the SPB Mobile Shell application configuration, it again scores by providing plethora of options. The settings are accessible from the Launcher tab and you can edit the General, Home-screen, Animation, Weather settings and more.

All in all i found this application to be the perfect utility to spur up the home-screen of your Nokia/Windows Touch Phone. However, being a total replacement of Nokia home-screen as well as Menu, SPB Mobile Shell also consumes a good amount of RAM and has been criticized for being a RAM hogger on Nokia Touch Devices (Nokia phone’s have somewhat limited RAM unlike Windows Mobile). For this reason, i decided to test RAM consumption my device (Nokia 5230, same hardware configuration as of Nokia 5800) when running SPB Mobile Shell and some other application. Before Running SPB Mobile Shell (with regular applications running) the free RAM on my device was 36 MB and after running SPN Mobile Shell it was 22 MB. In-fact, i took the device to the extreme and ran plenty of applications (SPB Mobile Shell, Music player, Google Maps, Opera Mobile, Messaging, Gallery, Screensnap, Real Player and Gravity ) (See the following image):

It is clearly visible that though SPB Mobile Shell does use approximately 10-15 MB memory on an average but Nokia touch phones (5230, 5800, N97 mini, etc) can handle it very well and perform other tasks easily!

SPB Mobile Shell is a paid application costing $ 29.90 and in my opinion it is worth every penny. I’d suggest you to buy this application if you are looking to pimp your Nokia touch phone beyond recognition. You are try out the trial version by downloading it directly from SPB Software website.

[Courtesy SPB Software For Providing Complimentary Copy of SPB Mobile Shell]


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  2. tel me wht is d activation code for my nokia 5233 SPB MOBILE SHELL. tel anyone plz plz plz….. I m in trouble

  3. my nokia 5230 is showing 3.5 g instead of e sign in reliance.i have not activated that but it iss giving 2 g speed ilive in gwalior where reliance 3g is not there what to do

  4. One bug/fault i found out in this app. is that after registering, when u connect the cell to the PC/Laptop using Nokia PC suite, it doesnt get detected..!!
    any fixes for it..?

  5. I never said “exploiting loopholes”, i said Bugs i.e area’s that haven’t yet been discovered by the service providers. Loopholes means those area’s which have been covered by the service providers but due to their inefficiency they overlooked it.

    And believe me, the cracked versions do more bad than good for your mobile phone. The software’s that i recommend are worth purchasing specially this one 🙂

  6. But I think exploiting loopholes is also illegal thing. And purchasing legal softwares is not affordable for students like us. I don’t know that cracked versions have any kind of limitations coz I’ve never used legal software ever in my life!

  7. Those free gprs tricks aren’t any illegal hacks. They are just unfixed bugs of operators. There’s a difference between exploiting bugs and cracking. Using cracked version of apps has 2 disadvantages:
    1. It’s illegal.
    2. The cracked apps don’t give the same level of experience as by the licensed copies.

  8. Don’t worry bro got cracked version yesterday only, but didn’t posted link here….

    But watz problem in cracked version as already we are providing the tricks to use free internet!!!!!!!!?

  9. Sorry mate we don’t share cracked version’s and neither suggest readers to use it. I’ll suggest you to download the Trial version, will give you an idea as to how it works.


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