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Spigen SGP Leather Case For New iPad – Combination Of Beauty And Functionality [Review]

When you buy an expensive gadget, your first priority is to protect it from scratches, dust and carry around in an elegant manner. And the best example is the new iPad. I recently bought the latest marvel from Apple and although it’s sleek design and attractive bodyline are worth flaunting but there’s a need to go protect it from accidental scratches.

I had to go through a good number of options before I laid my eyes on the very beautiful Spigen Folio Faux Leather case, which seemed to have all the essential features and looked glamorous as well. Courtesy Cretouch Store, I had the opportunity to get a hands on experience of Spigen SGP Leather Case (Folio Series) For New iPad.

To begin with Spigen Folio Case is a finely hand crafted folio style case, made of high quality faux leather. The iPad case has smooth black exterior with decent embroidery around borders (black thread again) and has interior of beige color, which is soft to eyes and also look enchanting, you will feel like browsing and working on your iPad! This case is very slim yet provides sturdy protection for the iPad.

Onto more detailed look. In terms of branding, Spigen has done a neat job. Unlike many other iPad cases, Spigen has engraved it’s logo right at the bottom right on the front and at the back. No hoopla’s, no color crazy logo. Just plan simple engraving toning up with black leather cover. Gives the exterior a clean, elegant look.

It’s the interior region where Spigen has really gone the distance. They have engraved their logo, website address and a bunch of other details. The good part is it doesn’t bother me at all! That’s because the beige interior are too good to notice the small branding area at bottom corner quadrant. What really got my attention was the beautifully crafted design sporting spigen logo’s right below where iPad is tucked into the case. It’s really hard to describe how splendidly attractive the logo cravings look, the best way would be for you to see the image and judge by yourself 🙂 Unfortunately, as soon as you put your iPad at it’s defined location in case, the pattern is hidden, completely.

On the sideline front, Spigen leather case makes sure that the body line of your iPad remains dust free, intact by adding an intermediate leather layer. The corners have been left uncovered and adequately measured cut outs are present for USB connection region, MIC and camera. The only issue I faced with this iPad case was that after a while (read prolonged use) the iPad sort of slipped from it’s destined position leading to slight displacement of cut out regions. This is certainly not a deal breaker at all but worth mentioning 🙂

Moving on, features that really makes this case stand out from plethora of available iPad cases are:

  • Cozy, silky smooth beige interior. I have most probably mentioned about beige interior a good number of time in this article and still want to say that the inner lining makes holding the iPad really really comfortable.
  • Fold-able stand integrated right within the case give you the ability to work on your iPad without the need to manually hold it up. Just angle the iPad onto the allotted locations and it will act as a on desk screen! (Refer the video to see it in action)
  • The most interesting and useful feature is the Wake on open and Sleep on close. Just open the front cover and screen will automatically light up. Close the cover and the screen will be locked automagically! No manual button press required.

To sum it up, Spigen Leather Case is a must have case for your new iPad. Stop looking elsewhere, buy this one. I am sure you’ll love it, for it’s beauty and functionality! You can order it from Cretouch Store for $67.99 – Buy Spigen SGP Leather Case (Folio Series) For New iPad [Black]


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