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Spot Fixing Accused Pakistani Cricketers Jailed By London Court

Today, three Pakistani cricketers – Salman Butt, Asif  and Amir, have been put behind bars for 30 months, 12 months and 6 months, respectively for fixing the match against England in 2010. The learned judge has also sent the bookie Mazhar Majeed in jail for 32 months. Today is the most unfortunate and black day in the history of  game of cricket.

This is the first time that the cricketers have been sent to jail for match-fixing. Cricket, which is gentlemen’s game has been tarnished by the act of greed of above three cricketers. They have let down the supporters,  specatators, who come to watch the game, which should be played in competitive spirit. They have also brought their country to disrepute, which already faces confidence deficit because of problems of terrorism and other factors.

The sentencing of the cricketers should be an eye opener for the other cricketers, who should not resort to unethical means for financial benefits. All the cricketers are well paid and they should enhance the level of their game to increase their brand equity.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) should also take this development very seriously and should set their house in order so that such type of scandals do take place in future. Pakistan Cricket has been beset with so many scandals. It is high time the administrators of the game cleanse the system, otherwise Pakistani supporters will loose interest in the game of cricket.

International Cricket Council (ICC) should also help the cricketers by organising camps from time to time to advise pitfalls of greed and how the budding cricketers should avoid baits of bookies and concentrate on the game. ICC should plan the international matches in such a manner that before start of any international series,the cricketers are given proper advise and tips how to keep distance from the rogue elements.

This punishment should prove deterrent for not only Pakistani cricketers but for  all the cricketers and other sports persons, to remain faithful to the game and to the countries, to whom they represent.

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