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TrueCaller Integrates Caller ID, Call Manager, SMS Pop Up Into Single Mobile App [Review]

How would you feel if you knew about the person calling you on your mobile phone? All his details including location and name! Well TrueCaller is one such mobile application that does this task and serves you with the details of the caller directly on the calling screen.

I have been using TrueCaller for quite some time now and did hesitate to write about it initially as I couldn’t or I should say wasn’t able to verify it’s working and that it did perform the task for which it has been developed. Now, the good part is that TrueCaller indeed displays the information of the caller on the screen as and when you get a call, for landline numbers the location was displayed accurately. The bad part is, for a majority in-fact for each and every call I received only the location of the caller, telecom operator was displayed. This was disappointing since I am using the paid version with “Enhanced Search”.

Anyhow, there is much more to TrueCaller than it being just a Caller-Id. Read on to know more about what it has to offer and my experience using TrueCaller:

Some Geek Stuff To Start With

TrueCaller has a small installation size of just 600 Kb approx. which is very “light” considering the wide array of features it offers (You’ll know soon!). A 3G data connection is required for it to connect to Internet and retrieve information about the caller. GPRS/EDGE will not work. As far as memory footprint is concerned, TrueCaller does strain the RAM consumption but then again this is true for devices with ~128 MB Ram. For mobile phone’s with RAM of around 256 MB TrueCaller will quietly run in background.

Social Integration

It integrates your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter account with your mobile phone’s address book and display’s the latest status of the caller (from your phonebook) along with other details viz. location, etc. A good way to know what’s going on with your friend, colleague, relative when he/she calls. I’d say you’ll have something to talk about 😉

Another cool thing about TrueCaller is that using Social Integration you can synchronize your address book with photo’s of your friends on Facebook or LinkedIn. And to share a secret with you, this was the first thing I did after installing TrueCaller on my Nokia. It certainly is pleasurable to see images of your friends in your phonebook! Moreover makes it easier for me to recognize the one’s with whom I barely talk and receive a call out of the blue 😉

Call Manager

TrueCaller features a built in call manager which prompts you to mark a number not from your phonebook as spam. If a spam marked number calls you again then it’ll be blocked automatically. Now TrueCaller did ask me to report the unknown number as spam but it failed to block it when a call was received by the same number again. This was disappointing for me.

The good thing about this feature is that TrueCaller maintains a database which stores all the well known fraud and spam numbers deemed to be spam by TrueCaller users. This will certainly help in recognizing if the callers a rouge telemarketer or someone worth attending to :p

Fill Out The Missing Details In Your Phone book

Ah. The one thing nobody has time to do. Fill out ‘all’ the details of a particular person in the phone. I mean who has got the time to add the street name, address, country name, zip code, etc to the numbers? TrueCaller takes care of this stuff and adds the missing links automatically! All you need to do is give this application the permission to do so.

This might sound an interesting feature but I was again left disappointed when out of 90 contacts TrueCaller was able to find information of just 1 contact, my friend who resides in Canada, his address was retrieved and stored in the contact without any issue. All the other (Indian phone numbers) were left untouched. Lack of information I guess.

Wait…. There’s More!

Yep. TrueCaller has some other small but significant add-ons.

  • SMS Popup settings lets you see the full sms on the screen without even opening the Inbox.
  • Enhanced Search lets you search for numbers and find out the details about it. Comes in handy when you want to know about that call you missed when you were busy.

To Sum Up

For me TrueCaller was a mixed bag. Some features impressed me whereas others didn’t work at all. But to be true to this review, It’s not TrueCaller which is NOT able to retreive callers information in India. The telecom policies are such that it becomes difficult to do a reverse phone lookup. Apart from this the Call Manager functionality was a dud as well. Didn’t work at all.

This being said, TrueCaller is a “must have” mobile applications for those living in countries like USA, Canada, etc where reverse phone number search is possible. TrueCaller does retrieve the details in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it combines in functionality of being a Call Manager, Social Integrator, SMS Pop Up, Caller Id into a single mobile application and all this for just the price of one (In-fact for Free – Consider the free version).

TrueCaller is available for Nokia (Symbian – S60v5, S60v3, Symbian^3), Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices. You can download the latest version of TrueCaller by visiting m.truecaller.com directly from your mobile phone browser or by visiting TrueCaller official webpage.



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