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Sygic MapmyIndia GPS Android Navigation App Available For Free

Earlier a paid android application, Sygic MapmyIndia GPS is now available free of cost in Google Play Store. On the Sygic official website, this app is still listed at 19.99 Euro (at the time of writing this article). Going by it, my best guess is that either they have forgotten to share a press release or public announcement of some sort, or there’s some kind of bug in the latest update (version 13.1.5).

Anyhow, whatsoever the reason be, this pricey navigation android application is available for free. Don’t wait up. Get on with it!

On a side note, I haven’t tried any other navigation app other than Google Maps and Nokia Maps (this was a long time ago). Saying this, I must tell you that the offline voice navigation, extensive Point of Interests (POI’s) and offline searching functionality has lured me into trying it out for first driving test tomorrow 😉

Some important features of app from developers den:

  • Works with GPS only, internet is not needed
  • Turn-by-Turn voice guided navigation
  • Drag & Drop for simple route editing
  • Spoken Street Names to focus on the road (in American and British English)
  • Three Alternative Routes to choose from
  • Waypoints for places you want to visit
  • Dynamic Lane Guidance to know the right lane
  • Speed Limit Display to protect your wallet

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