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Tips For Becoming Successful Blogger

As you know that “Rome was not built in a day” likewise success doesn’t come in a day. For it you have to struggle a lot. You have to work dedicatedly and honestly to scale heights in your life. Think positive and be energetic in your work.

If you are doing a work and not getting success in it then just find out where you get wrong, which steps you had taken was wrong. Note down your negative points, correct your mistakes and then try another time with full strength and confidence; you will definitely succeed.


The same applies for blogging as well, you wont turn into a successfull blogger overnight. Note down your mistakes, strategise on turning them into postitives and you are bound to be successful !!

Following are the points which you should consider for achieving SUCCESS in Blogging :-

  • Hard Work : Hard work is the key to success. For achieving success “hard work is must”. Don’t expect to earn money by just writing posts, you need to adopt other ways to increase your presence be it SEO, social networking, etc. You have to work hard to earn money.
  • Positive Attitude : You should have positive attitude and your attitude should display through communication skills, background, commenting manners etc. Do not ever under estimate yourself, think that you have that guts and spirit to achieve success, also think that you are having a certain qualities which are totally different from others. Positive attitude qualities consist of –
    • Power to Assist others.
    • Speaking politely.
    • Giving proper suggestion.
    • Winning Spirit
  • Planning : For blogging success you should plan systematically. You must know your strength and weakness before planning. Read on other blogger’s suggeestions to devise a plan for yourself. A good planner is a good blogger. Remember It !


  • Knowledge : To survive as a blogger knowledge is must. Without knowledge you can’t earn even a single dollar. As you know that “knowledge is power”. Therefore to utilize this power you should gather as much information as you can.
  • Initiative : You should take initiative in your work. Do right things at the right time without causing delay or waiting for others to do it for you. If you know something put it on your blog, don’t hesitate, your readers will love it. Even if things go wrong, atleast they will know that Your blog was the first one to publish the content!
  • Patience : You should have patience to take appropriate decision and not hasty decision(s). You should also have patience to listen to the views and complaints of your readers. Keep patience, do not quit the job; prove to your boss that you are the best from others. Then see you will definitely become a successfull blogger !
  • Passion : You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?” Unless and until, you are passionate about blogging, you wont be able to continue it. After some time, you might fell burdened (To write posts). Therefore, chose a topic which you think you can write about and are passionate about.


  1. Some nice points, I would of also added passion. If you have passion then it’s easier to post about it and you will post a lot more. It goes hand in hand with positive attitude so maybe you could just add an extra note about it.


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