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Topsy: The Google of Twitter

Well we all know that how Twitter has become an indispensable part of our daily routine ,and its needless to mention that how much it has grown overtime. And for such a diverse network it is really hard to find stuff which has been tweeted and then retweeted and then again. While surfing on the net i came across Topsy-A search engine powered by tweets and i found the whole concept innovative and interesting.
We all know about Google and Bing and on which approach they work. But now we have got a search engine that works on the twitter approach i.e by keeping the story short and interesting. This new search engine give the users to search between the tweets, hashtag searches, keyword searches and it also identify the tweets that have your @username Id and how many times those were retweeted by other users.

When we search something on Topsy, say “Google”, it finds snippets of conversations that match what you’re looking for. Topsy ranks results based on how well they match your search terms, and the influence of the people talking about them.
Well i must say that the developers of this search engine had come up with an exellent idea and with the word spreading out quickly ,in no time this twitter based search engine will lead the way.



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