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Trick To Access Internet For Free On IDEA Sim [August, 2011]

Before you start playing with the instructions given, I want you to know that the settings work for 2G (EDGE, GPRS) connections as well as for 3G.

For this trick/hack (whatever you want to call it) to work, first of all you need to have Idea Fresh Setting saved in your mobile phone. Without Idea Fresh settings you’ll not be able to use free internet on your mobile phone. If you have Idea fresh settings then skip to step 3 else save the settings as given below.

  1. SMS SET to 546714 in order to get Internet settings. Or save the following settings in your mobile phone.
    • Account name – idea_fresh
    • Username – (Leave Blank)
    • Password – (Leave blank)
    • Homepage – http://wap.ideafresh.com
    • Proxy and server port – 8080
    • Proxy and server address –
    • Databearer – GPRS/Packetdata
    • Access point name (APN) – imis
    • Proxy – Enabled/Yes
    • Authentication type – Normal
  2. After saving the above mentioned settings, reboot your phone.
  3. Open default browser (NO 3rd party browser i.e Opera mini, etc).
  4. Open any one for the following web address (they are proxies):
    • http://z012.fma.fb.me.php.t9space.com/
    • http://z012.fma.fb.me.www.flyproxy.com/
  5. Now enter any address in the input bar of the above mentioned links.

You’ll now be able to access internet for free on your idea sim! Enjoy free GPRS and 3G connectivity on your mobile phone 🙂

Note: All the tricks/hacks shared are making use of the loop holes in Idea’s network. None of these tricks/hacks have been discovered/made/influenced by me. Please use them at your own risk.


  1. Hello! Thanks for the share, but I have a doubt. How do we use 3G for free? Do I need a 3G enabled SIM for that? I’m a newbie to networking, so could you please explain what to do if I want free 3G?


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