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Truke Buds Freedom – Open-ear Wireless Stereos Earbuds, Launched at Introductory Price of INR 1799

Reputed Audio brand, Truke, today launched its first Open-ear Wireless Stereos (OWS) earbuds, Buds Freedom, in India. The Buds Freedom OWS are comfortable to wear and has a sleek design.

Truke Buds Freedom will go on sale from 1st July onwards and consumers can pre-book the product from 25th June onwards at a special offer price of INR 1799. Following the launch, the regular price of Buds Freedom will be INR 1999 from 1st July onwards. Buds Freedom will be available in two colors: Sunset Black and Mint Green.

According to Truke, Open-ear Wireless Stereo (OWS) earbuds are rapidly growing in popularity worldwide as people find them a better alternative to traditional TWS products. Truke’s Buds Freedom OWS prioritizes user comfort with their Patented Open Ear Design. This doesn’t block the ear canal, addresses potential health concerns and eliminates discomfort during extended use. The flexible memory titanium wire and skin-friendly ear hooks adapt to every movement, providing a tailored fit for activities like running, cycling, and gym workouts. Truke has become one of the few brands in India that have introduced this new technology at an affordable price.

These Buds are equipped with a 16mm beryllium speaker driver to deliver rich bass, crystal-clear highs, and immersive sound quality. The beryllium material ensures exceptional stiffness and lightweight properties, enhancing performance.

Truke’s precise direction technology offers an immersive audio experience by delivering sound precisely where needed, ensuring an exceptional listening experience without disturbing others. The intelligent anti-leak sound system maintains a private listening environment, suppressing external sound leakage and safeguarding user privacy

Buds Freedom OWS are supported by quad mics PureVoice ENC Technology, that ensures crystal-clear precision during calls. Wind Noise Reduction Technology further eliminates background noise, making conversations clear and uninterrupted even in crowded environments or adverse weather conditions

Buds Freedom is packed with 500mAh battery with RapidPower Charging Technology that adds 6 hours of playtime in just 15 minutes of charging. Buds Freedom provide resistance from water, sweat and  features 1Step instant pairing technology with Bluetooth 5.4. It also enhances the gaming experience with seamless voice assistant support of Siri and Google Assistant integration, which helps users manage their gaming sessions, check notifications, and control their devices hands-free with simple voice commands.


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