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UC Browser App For Android Updated With Cricket Content

For cricket crazy fans of India, UC Browser app for Android, India’s popular mobile browser, has been updated with its cricket service, UC Cricket. The company has listed various features added in the update, which are listed below :

UC Cricket  provides live scores, previews, commentaries, news, interviews, stats, photos, videos and more. It’s easily accessible with a single click on UC Browser’s home page (see screenshots below).

To enable you to follow a series religiously, UC Cricket provides a reminder feature that will send you a notification before every match. Simply click on the yellow bell on the right (see screenshot below) to follow your favorite match, and you will receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins – even if you have exited UC Browser completely. (Note: match reminder feature is only available on UC Browser 9.9.0 for Android or later.)

In addition, while enjoying the matches, cricket fans around the world are also able to exchange their thoughts and opinions with each other via the Comment Section. You can customize your ID, and use emoji/emoticons to better interact with other cricket fans. Also, it’s extremely easy to check out your friends’ replies.

UC Browser is available on more than 3,000 different models of mobile devices from over 200 manufacturers, and is compatible with all mainstream operating systems. Serving users in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, UC Browser is now available in 11 languages including English, Russian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.


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