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Which Country is Best for Your Child to Study Abroad

As parents, whenever we think of study abroad options for our children, we wonder which country would be the right fit for ‘my child’. Well, there are a host of countries that offer excellent educational ambience and boast of a strong academic lineage. You can begin with ‘What am I looking for?’ Jot down your reasons for choosing study abroad, your child’s interests and academic inclination, location, budget and all that you would like to consider. This will provide you with a road-map and selection will become . However, here’s our recommendation of countries for study abroad:


USA draws maximum number of international students and tops the list of the most sought-after study destinations. The country is home to ivy leagues and top-notch schools namely, Harvard, Princeton, Yale etc. offering a kaleidoscope of subjects and courses. The most appealing aspect of US universities is the breadth of study that they provide students with. You can apply utilizing the Common Application (the Common App), an undergraduate college admission application, and/or apply directly to the universities and pursue courses from various fields in the first year. Undergraduate programs are 4 years long, thus you have more time and flexibility to decide (or change or build) on your major. Students can declare their major at the end of the first year or during their second year. The different schools of study under the university also allow unique scope to do majors in related or completely different subject courses. The flexibility and diversity of programs are the best match for students who want to widen their academic opportunities or venture into cross-disciplinary areas.


UK stands second in the list of the top overseas education locations. Age old academic tradition, prestigious universities and the charm of the British Isle render UK its popularity among foreign students. Stalwarts like the Oxford and Cambridge universities have set a standard of academic excellence for centuries and are the coveted institutions for furthering higher education. You apply through a centralised body called ‘the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, or UCAS’ as an undergraduate student. If you want your child to pursue a more focused stream, UK colleges will offer the scope to study subjects in depth. The undergraduate programs last for 3 years, and except for a few programs that allow Phd right after undergraduate level, students have to do Masters before they apply for Phd. Sounds familiar, right? Our higher education system follows a similar structure. Hence, if you want your child’s academic journey to be more in line with what we have in India, UK will be a good alternative.


Canada is fast becoming a favourite study abroad destination because of its world-class universities, international student facilities and peaceful environment. McGill University, Concordia University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia are some of the top-ranking universities globally. Bachelor’s degree is a 3 years program (4 years for an honours degree) offered by both colleges and universities, which gives you the flexibility to either major/double major in a specialised field/fields or pursue general fields. The academic options are many and students can plan their educational journey according to their professional and academic goals. Canada also scores high due to its international-student friendly approach. Unlike many countries, it not only grants foreign students work permit but other lucrative opportunities like securing long term job positions or becoming residents.

Other popular destinations include Australia and Singapore. Eight of the 100 top universities in the world can be found in Australia, and with over 1,100 institutions offering over 22,000 courses students can study anything from anthropology to zoology. Singapore has grown to become the educational hub for Asia. It hosts some premier institutions, and the Singapore government has built collaborations with the best institutes around the world to provide an excellent and well-rounded education.

Universities abroad offer exceptional educational climate where students can optimise their academic endeavours and other interests. Your child will get opportunities to attend classes of world famous scientists, writers, entrepreneurs etc. participate in exclusive research projects, and internships. Spectacular campuses, advanced technology and infrastructure for research work, multicultural student body and eminent faculty are the hallmarks of top-tier schools abroad. Understand your child’s needs, draw a plan based on your child’s career dreams and select the best option. Good luck!

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(About the writer – This post is written by Ms. Vibha Kagzi, Founder and Chief Education Officer, Reachivy.com. She is extremely passionate about education and believes that it is the ultimate social equalizer. Leveraging her personal experience at various academic and professional institutions,she hopes to provide holistic guidance to young individuals who aspire to reach leading universities)


  1. Thanks for the information. After reading your post I am able to know which country is best for our child. Yes, I am also agreeing with you that Canada is becoming a favorite study abroad destination among parents. That country is providing world class universities and educational systems. Last week I found a very informative site studycountry.com which is one of the mini dictionary for our child.


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