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Withdraw Your Stuck Funds From Paypal Via Xoom

If you are a Paypal user then you might be aware of the current difficulties faced by Paypal’s Indian users. And all those who live under the rock and aren’t aware as to what is happening then read on the following posts to get an idea :

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If you aren’t interested in reading any of the above mentioned posts then to give you an idea, paypal has currently suspended all the bank withdrawal’s to Indian Bank accounts. Due to which it the funds have stuck in the accounts. Though paypal allows you to withdraw your money via requesting a cheque but the process issuing and en-cashing the cheque is too long and it almost takes a month to get the money en-cashed (In India).

I too, like other’s, couldn’t withdraw the money and become restless each passing day. After hopelessely waiting for 2 weeks, i then started to look out for a workaround to withdraw the money from my paypal account. Upon searching, i came to know about Xoom and decided the withdraw via Xoom. On Feb 13, 2010 i withdrew a small amount via Xoom. Then on Feb 18, 2010 i got the funds in my bank account. Here are the steps i followed for withdrawing the funds :

  1. Create an account at Xoom.
  2. Make sure you verify the email address.
  3. Now login to you account and click on “Send Money” Tab.
  4. Select the country as “India“. And fill in the the amount you want to send in the “Send Amount” option.
  5. You will now get various options viz. Cash Pickup, Bank Deposit and Home Delivery. Along with the options the fees will also be displayed beside’s each option. Select Bank Deposit.
  6. You will then get a page asking for the recipients informations as well as the bank account number (and branch) (In this case your own). Fill in all the details and make sure the information matches with that of your Paypal account.
  7. Click on “Next“.
  8. Now the payment options will be displayed including paypal. Select “Pay with your Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal account” and “Paypal” from the options.
  9. Xoom charged me 11.99 $ as their fee (Which will increase proportionally with increase in amount transferred) but first time users can use the coupon code “FEBXOOM10(without quotes) (available for the month of Feb. only) or “XOOMONETIMER“.
  10. Click on “Next” and confirm the payment by authorizing the paypal transaction.

And that’s it ! You will get a transaction number via email. Save the transaction number so that you can check the status of your funds. I hope i have been clear in explaining the procedure. If you need any help then don’t hesitate to leave a comment here and i will definitely try to help you 🙂

UPDATE : I have received a lot of queries regarding withdrawal of funds from un-verified paypal account. I therefore contacted the customer support of Xoom and was told that you can use only verified individual Pay pal account to transfer funds.


  1. See, intra india transactions were NEVER allowed by xoom. Still for some weird reason many people (including me) were able to send the money to themselves. Though it isn’t confirmed yet but most of the self financed transactions are being cancelled.

  2. i heard its not allowed to xoom from paypal india to xoom india is this true.. some of my friends did it and their transaction got cancelled.

  3. Do i need to have a verified paypal account to initiate the process?

    Will it work for unverified paypal account?

  4. After selecting BANK DEPOSIT (as shown in 5th point) you will then be asked the bank name and the account number (see point number 6). Just select your bank from the list and key in the bank account number 🙂

  5. Thanks for the information but I have question?
    I have no any account in PNB but have in all other banks.
    How will I get my money to my another bank accounts?

    Thanks in advance

  6. 1. Yes i have a verified paypal account.
    2. Am not sure about that but will let you know after confirming.
    3. The exchange rate keeps on changing. When i withdrew it was 46.0035 and now its 45.65 (still more than that offered by paypal).

  7. I have some questions:
    1- Do you have a verified paypal account?
    2- Can we Pick-Up cash even if we don’t have an account in PNB?
    3- How much money did you transfer and How much money did you got deposited in your bank account?


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