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Wp Greet Box – Welcome Your Blog Visitors

As the name suggests its a wordpress plugin used to welcome visitors coming from different sites or search engines onto your site, examples being google, yahoo, twitter, bing ( The latest version has it ). Its not just a welcome message rather it is much more than that if used efficiently. Although, the plugin once activated has by default settings optimized for users however to make it look for like for your own website or blog some changes need to be made like replacing ‘Hey there’ with ‘Welcome to blogname’ or something like that to make it stand out of the crowd ! Some of its impressive features are :

> Greeting messages automatically get inserted into the top of your posts upon activation. There is no need to modify theme files.
> Ability to detect the visitor’s search keywords from major search engines and automatically display related posts under the greeting message.
> AJAX greeting message in the frontend makes it compatible with caching plugins (such as WP Super Cache) and WPMU.
> AJAX administrative interface that uses nonce verification to discourage hackers.
> Ability to set a timeout to forget a visitor so we do not keep nagging them with greeting messages.
> Ultra customizeable greeting message box (with CSS) allowing you to prepend/append HTML around the greeting message box.

All in all its a recommended plugin to use. I am fairly new to wordpress and found this while googling, if you know any other similar plugins, do mention it in your comments.

You can download the plugin from the source.

Wp greet Box

Wp greet box


  1. @Vito Botta First of all just to clarify, i have not ‘made’ this plugin. Just wrote this post so that others could know the usefulness of this plugin. And regarding the detection of Bing, well you can try altering the settings in Plugins setting page. Do comment back whether you were able to resolve this error or not. And welcome to TechVorm. Looking forward to more comments from you !!

  2. Hi! I am working on a new blog, and have installed your plugin. Because the website is not live yet, I am testin by faking the referrer and have seen that it does detect Google, Ask, and others, but not Bing.
    Any ideas?

  3. @ George Although, this plugin isnt one of those whithout which you cant live and can be easily replaced with subcribe reminder after every post. However for newbies, i would say it does attract subscriptions.
    What do you say ?

    And BTW glad you commented and looking forward to more comments from you !!


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