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Another Gem From SPB Software, A Wireless Monitor For Tracking Mobile Data Usage and Internet Tariff (Review)

SPB Software has always managed to come up with an app meant for enhancing productivity of a Symbian smart-phone user be it their famous Mobile Shell app or Bio alarm clock, every app served a purpose. This time they have released an app meant for tracking Internet usage on your phone. Aptly named, SPB Wireless Monitor, it keeps an eye on all the connections on your mobile which are responsible for connecting with Internet, wifi, Gprs, Edge or 3G, every bit sent is recorded.

SPB Wireless Monitor Review

I have had SPB Wireless Monitor installed (Yes, Got the pre-release version!) on my Nokia S60v5 device. During installation (phone or mmc) a SPB Wireless Connection Engine is also installed which runs in background collecting Internet data usage. The background process takes just enough RAM to NOT to create any sort of hindrance in using your phone as you did before, hence a harmless little fellow monitoring the data usage.

To start with, I really liked SPB Wireless Monitor’s icon design (Yes! I do judge icons too.), it’s refreshing and crisp. The moment you install the app, wireless monitor engine activates so no setup is required. You just need to check out the data usage by initialising the SPB Wireless Monitor application from phone menu. The User Interface is refreshing, clean and attractive, categorising all the functionalities of app on the home-screen itself. One click access to data usage report, alarms (explained later), connection and tariff settings and Export feature.

Following are the heads under which information is shared with the user:

  • Application Report/Traffic Report – It lists down all the applications, including system apps, making use of Internet connectivity on your device. The data usage (download/upload) is shown next to the listed app. One can clearly make out which app is responsible for maximum data usage using which you can easily cut down data charges, if restricted by any. Moreover there’s an option to categorize and group usage month wise/year wise/ day wise. So even more insight.
  • Connection and Tariffs – Based on your mobile service provider’s data tariff, you can set per KB rate. SPB Wireless Monitor will then automatically calculate cost of data usage per application per day/month/year. You’ll not have to get into any trouble for calculating Internet charges anymore!
  • Alarms – You can setup notification(s) to ping you each time that limit is crossed. These ‘alarms’ can be made in respect to a fixed traffic usage or on basis of cost. This alarm functionality compliments Traffic Report and Tariff feature to give you complete control on your data usage as well as spending on Internet.
  • Export – This is one area which I think is not so useful for an average user. Using export you can transport all the usage data in .csv (excel) file format which can be then viewed on your computer. Something I will never use.

SPB Wireless Monitor strikes the right cord. It delivers what is expected from a data monitoring mobile application. It’s a hardcore symbian application and has no issues compiling/presenting Internet usage data expect for a few occasions when data wasn’t recorded (maybe the engine closed). SPB Software has once again delivered awesome application for Symbian users! Kudos.

SPB Wireless Monitor is available for Symbian (Windows Mobile, Android) and costs $ 9.99. The latest version of SPB Wireless Monitor can be downloaded directly from SPB Software official website.


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