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Asus Zenfone Zoom Camera Samples – Mixed Bag For Powerhouse


Asus Zenfone Zoom, among other features, claims to have best in the business of camera. It sports, at the time of release, world’s thinnest 3x optical-zoom with 10 element HOYA lens arrangement, offering up to 12x total magnification. Added to the mix is optical image stabilization (OIS), dual-LED Real Tone flash and laser auto-focus. All of this put together sounds like a powerhouse for a mobile device!

We have previously written about the overall performance and hardware in general (refer article below),

Asus ZenFone Zoom- Unboxing & First Hand Impressions

and now that we have had a good time with the camera (and phone itself), we decided to share how the photo quality actually comes out to be. Before starting, it took Asus some time to fix general phone lags and minor issues through software updates. Now that things seem to be more stable, we decide to go ahead! Keeping all the technicalities aside, I’ll just focus on sharing camera sample and how the camera performs with/without daylight.

Starting with snapping your way during daytime, irrespective of cloud cover presence, the images come out to be quite nice. The natural colors are kept intact unlike what Samsung does (by enhancing images).

Daytime (sufficient light) Image Samples

In dying light, the performance gets probabilistic. With default settings in place, I was able to get decent enough images. However, playing around with the available Camera Modes, allowed me to capture good enough images. The good part here is that you can get good captures provided you know which mode to use and when! I would have preferred the Asus camera app to have done so.

Dying Light Image Samples

During night, things get messed up even more. With default settings, expect to capture dud images. But then again, if you know your way around with camera modes, turning on Night Mode makes the image far more viewable, usable and shareable! Though, the overall quality still remains grainy at best. To get an idea of how images look before and after using Night Mode refer the image below.

Night Time Image Samples

The images speak for itself and I’ll leave the judgement to you. But what I do want to say is for Asus Zenfone Zoom, camera quality is directly proportional to amount of daylight present. It has got all the hardware needed, Asus just needs to pull it with software and make things better!

Note: The images presented here have been optimized for web view and are NOT edited. All of them were captured using the default camera app pre-installed on device. For high resolution images, leave a comment below and we’ll share the link(s).


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