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Bring The Functionality Of Threaded SMS In Your Nokia Phone With ThreadSMS (Review)

Threaded sms has been one feature which Nokia has failed to deliver in it’s mobile phones, be it S60v3 or S60v5. Though it isn’t a game changer but certainly a plus point when it comes to ease of access. Attending to this issue EHandySoft has come up with a solution for Symbian users, a mobile application that serves you SMS’s in threaded form, categorising ’em neatly.

ThreadSMS is a utility app which once installed quietly sits in background and acts as an alternative of native sms app, displaying text messages in form of thread allowing you to keep a better track of the sms’s received as well as sent to a particular person. Purpose well served with a few challenges.

ThreadSMS Review

I have been planning to write this review for a long time but because of the lack of SMS usage (Rely heavily on email’s) I couldn’t do it. Anyway, I played around with ThreadSMS for quite some time and found it better than its competitors.

The installation size is just under 550 KB (on a S60v5 device) and it can be installed either on phone memory or memory card, an option I didn’t expect it to have. Setting it up is even easier, during the initial launch it’ll automatically read the sms’s (all of ’em in Inbox, Sent items, etc) and properly categories them under suitable heads. By default it shows/reads 60 SMS in total but that limit can be easily increased from ‘Settings’ option. However I found that making ThreadSMS show more than 120 SMS slows down the application.

Moving on, the User Interface is nice, all the sms’s are sorted to their own contact and shown in groups with total number of conversations aptly displayed on the right. Clicking on any group will lead you to the full conversation view where all sent/received messages are shown and you can also reply from the same window, no extra steps needed. What has been discussed above is the core functionality of ThreadSMS, besides this it allows you to:

  • Backup all the sms’s in a text file. Can be used as an alternative for Nokia PC Suite but lacks restoring.
  • Password protect a set of sms’s. Useful for you know what reasons 😉
  • Delete sms’s from selected contacts, which can be a tedious task when done through native sms app.
  • Preview incoming sms. Very very useful indeed.

What I Did Not Like About ThreadSMS

Though it does what it says fairly well but still I wasn’t happy with how it behaved as a SMS app. Some of the improvements I’d like to see in future versions are:

  • Smooth UI, even more polished.
  • Ability to enter phone number manually rather than first going to contacts screen and then clicking on ‘Back’ to enter number.
  • Addition of more elegant chat screens.
  • Blended in with mobile’s default sms app to give a sense of it belonging to Mobile’s OS itself rather a separate app.

ThreadSMS is available for $14.95 (for a limited time, costs $20 otherwise) and supports Symbian platform i.e S60v3, S60v5 and Symbian^3. You can download trial version of ThreadSMS from EhandySoft website or directly from OVI store.


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