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Liven Up Your Symbian Based Mobile’s Contact With Geeky Avatar

How often have you wanted to have a display picture for contacts in your phone but couldn’t assign one? It’s not possible to have an image for each and every contact in your address book. As an example, you can’t ask your boss to pose for a snazzy display picture, can you?

For all those who agree with me, there’s a way out. Geeky Avatar, a product of GeekyFriends.com, is a QT based symbian application that lets you create customizable display pictures for anyone present in your address book! Moreover, it even does the task of adding the picture directly to the contact name of your choice right from the application itself. What Geeky Avatar does is, it lets you create a cartoonised version of any human. All you need to do is have a rough idea as to how he/she looks, a little bit of imagination and you can create almost similar looking cartoonised avatar of anyone in your Mobile’s phonebook. In terms of customizations Geeky Avatar packs in lots of options to tweak the face (yes, only up-to neck) viz. Hair, clothes, glasses, nose, eyes, eyebrows, moustache, etc and adding to all this each feature of face can be further adjust using the sub-options available.

Geeky Avatar is available in 2 variants, free of cost (with ads, needs Internet access) and paid version (No ads or Internet access required). But the functionality of both the versions is the same. Both of ’em will make your mobile phone’s address book lively!

The latest version of Geeky Avatar can be downloaded via Ovi Store link.


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