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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T311 Review

After tasting success with its Galaxy Tab 2 series, Samsung has launched Galaxy Tab 3 series which is available in 2 screen sizes viz. 7″ inches and 8″ inches screen sizes. The Galaxy Tab 3 T311 tablet with 8″ inch display is positioned especially to give competition to Apple iPad mini. Fortunately we received a review unit of Galaxy Tab 3 T311, so lets get started with Galaxy Tab 3 T311 review. P.S – We’ll will try to be less technical and more practical about usage of Tab 3 T311.


Galaxy Tab 3 T311 Sim Card

Galaxy Tab 3 T 311 is just 7.4 mm thick, very light in weight, an so sleek that one can carry it in one hand. Although,  if you have to watch movie or read an e-book for longer duration then you will have to catch it with both hands and this becomes tiring. In terms of overall appearance, it isn’t different from the latest Galaxy range of smartphones, the usual button placements (refer images below). Thin bezels (borders) give it a nice look and one can hold it comfortably with one hand, but not for prolonged duration of time. Back of the Galaxy Tab 3 looks refined and not prone to scratches. The rear of device is non-removable which essentially means non-removable battery. The microSD card and SIM card slots are located on the left side of the device.


Regarding connectivity, as an Indian buyer Tab 3 T311 packs all the connectivity options you would ever want. 3G (plus support for video calling), Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Infrared (for remote controlling television set) are all supported out of the box. This device also has calling features and practically speaking it sort of looks very odd to take it near your ear to listen or make calls. However, this ‘inconvenience’ can be avoided with the use of supplied ear-phones or bluetooth headset but then again it means carrying extra weight.


Galaxy Tab 3 T311

Tab 3 T311 has WXGA display(189ppi) with a resolution of 1280X800 pixels. Lower ppi (pixel per inch) display means the images, text aren’t as sharp as you would want it to be, however, you won’t notice any such difference unless you zoom in. With respect to overall display performance, readability, usually problem occurs when you have read the content in daylight or direct under sunshine, fortunately, it passes this test. Viewing the display under direct sunlight does not strain the eyes. Moreover, the contents or video can be viewed from a fixed set of viewing angles with same clarity.

Hardware & Software

Galaxy Tabs runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s own TouchWiz Nature UX layer on top of android operating system. Tab 3 T311 is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM, which help you to perform all the tasks without interruption, delay, hang of any sort. Another unique feature worth mentioning is the multi-window feature, it in true sense enhances multitasking capability by allowing you to view, use two applications simultaneously.

Camera – Image, Video Capability

Galaxy Tab 3 T311 Camera

Equipped with a 5 MP rear camera and a 1.9 MP front facing camera, Tab 3 carries mediocre image shooting, video capturing hardware. Although, it looks cumbersome to snap the pictures with a tablet yet if one decides to use this tablet for his or her passion then one can get good pictures in good lighting conditions but in low-light, this tablet will disappoint you. Not to forget it is capable of recording  720p videos and can play 1080p videos. We reproduce below some images taken with this tablet:

Battery Longevity

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T311 tablet is packed with powerful and impressive 4,450 mAh battery. I was able to watch 3 full length movies with a single charge and still left with 20% of battery. For casual work, the battery can work for approximately 2 days and if you have to surf the internet, use it for calling and do other work continuously then you would have to charge it on daily basis.

Galaxy Tab 3 T311 Rear

Rounding Off

In sum Galaxy Tab 3 T311 is pretty good tablet in mid-range segment. The key feature for grabbing this device is its powerful battery capacity, sleek design and good display. And one has to count its negative point, I would say its camera is of average quality, but the saving grace for Samsung is nobody buys the tablet for capturing images. In my view, it is slightly overpriced at Rs. 25,000. Still, it is a good buy especially if you are looking for good tablet for sturdy and trouble-free performance.

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