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Embedded Game in Utorrent

Utorrent as you might be knowing is a popular torrent downloader used by a majority of people. Its a very tiny bittorrent client, available for Mac as well as windows. Most of the features present in bittorrent client are present in utorrent.

Now that you know what utorrent is and why is sooo… ¬†Useful for a regular torrent downloader, there is one more thing that not many utorrent users are aware of and that is this ‘tiny’ client also has a game embedded within it ! The name is this tiny game is utris i.e mini tetris.

Amazed ………
Well dont know about you but atleast i was !
How come such a small program already loaded with so much stuff contains a game too ?
I dont know what or how is it possible but the thing is you can play it and to do that you need to first download the program and then proceed with the following mentioned steps :

1. Open utorrent by double clicking its icon.
2. Go to help and press About utorrent.
3. Now press Ctrl+t and you will get the tetris game on your screen !



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