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Factors To Be Considered While Buying/Selling Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts or paid posts, although aren’t recommended for any blogger however, i have personally seen lot’s and lot’s of posts being sold on popular webmaster’s forum like digitalpoint, etc. I am not going to comment on whether we should or shouldn’t go for such paid posts but am just gonna suggest you some points to be noted and kept in mind while selling or buying sponsored (paid) posts.


Personally i feel following are some of the important areas that should be asked or told while selling or buying sponsored posts and while deciding price of paid posts :

  • Page Rank.
  • Backlinks the blog/site has (Check using Google and yahoo siteexplorer).
  • Whether the site/blog has real and unique content or not.
  • How often the blog is updated and (or) new content added ?
  • Overall design/layout of the site, whether its attractive or not ?
  • Age of the site (The older the better).
  • Domain history (Shouldn’t be a dropped domain).
  • Current outbound links found on the site/blog.
  • Traffic (More traffic, better value for money).

Besides the above mentioned points, you can also estimate the price of the paid posts by reviewing the site/blog via sites such as :

  • SponsoredReviews
  • PayingPost
  • PayPerPost, etc.

And also the advertiser’s budget along with the market trend play an equally important role in determining the price of the sponsored post.

So before you sell/buy posts at an unwanted price, watch out for the above mentioned factors !


  1. PageRank, Domain History and the Quality or Articles on that Domain hold a very crucial role in Deciding the Value of the Sponsored Post. It should not be neglected as these metrics show the Authority of the Website on the WEB.
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