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iStabilizer Glass Car Holder – Rock Solid Windshield Mount [Review]

Being an avid traveler, I have had a lot of experience using Car Mounts with Exogear Exomount being the most recent one. Seeing the issues and difficulties I faced using Exogear, I decided to opt in for something better. iStabilizer Glass Car Holder seemed to be a good way forward.

To being with iStabilizer Windshield Mount comes with a lot of “engineered” parts. Meaning, it offers a number of ways to twist and turn the stand in order to achieve a suitable viewing angle. This is the biggest advantage iStabilizer has to offer.

Build Quality

Build quality is most certainly the first and foremost factor. You wouldn’t want the stand to keep falling off in your car whilst driving on bumpy roads. Fortunately iStabilizer has a great build quality. The base, suction pulley and swile all fit in together effortlessly. What’s worth mentioning is the ability to adjust the swile to almost any angle you want. All this is possible because of intelligent built style and ability to tighten screws.

iStabilizer comes with single unit of clutches or the mouth responsible for holding your mobile phone. Prima Facie the holder seems to have a good overall build however I do feel that prolonged use would cause it to loosen up. All in all iStabilizer in itself has a commendable build quality, no questions.

Grip Power

I have mentioned this before as well, If a car mount can’t get a solid grip of your device then there’s no point spending money on it. That’s my thumb rule. Luckily iStabilizer offers a great grip. Ability to tighten the “joints” is the reason why I am so confident about it’s gripping power, since you can always tighten it up one notch more if need be (though once done, you don’t need to worry about it).


To see if iStabilizer did its destined job, I did test it’s holding power on the bumpy roads of New Delhi (trust me the condition of roads at certain locations is horrible). To my satisfaction iStabilizer did keep Samsung Galaxy S II comfortably well. Neither the swile nor the grip moved from their original position.

To Sum Up

iStabilizer Glass Car Holder serves as a great car mount and one of the fines mobile phone accessories. Consisting of adjustable viewing angle, mount degree and most importantly screw tightening concept, iStabilizer promises a longer overall life and strong build quality. It can hold almost anything as long as it’s width/height is not greater than 5? inches.

iStabilizer Glass Universal Smartphone Windshield Mount costs £22.95 and can be purchased from Mobilefun.co.uk web portal – iStabilizer Glass Universal Smartphone Windshield Mount.


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