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Ways To Use Google Maps Better & Efficiently On Your Mobile Devices

Nowadays, we are dependent upon technology so much that many applications developed by Google, have become part and parcel of our life. The most commonly used application is Google Maps for navigation and for other tasks such as planning for vacation and for local business recommendation etc.

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To enable you to use Google Maps more effectively on your smart devices, we reproduce below various tips, which have been prepared by Google:

Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation:  Simply search for your destination, and then tap on the blue car icon that appears to the right of the place’s name. Once you enter the Directions menu, select which route option you prefer and tap on the blue “Start navigation” option to get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions to where you need to go. Users also have the option to change the endpoint or start point and then start the navigation.

Hindi navigation support has been added for turn-by-turn voice navigation in Hindi. To use the feature and hear voice-guided instructions in Hindi, you will need to select Hindi as the default language from Settings -> Language and Input.

Save and view offline maps: Even if you don’t have an data connection, you can view a map when you aren’t connected to the Internet. In places where offline maps are available on the Google Maps for Mobile app, you can select and download a specific area on the map. Here are some quick tips for using maps offline:

  • Move the map to the area you’d like to save
  • Touch inside the search box at the top of the map, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Just touch ‘save map’ to use it offline
  • You can also search for a city such as “Gurgaon” and scroll down and use “save maps to use it offline”.

Explore local businesses: If you want to find recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and things to do, just touch inside the search box and then explore. You can browse by choosing a category like – drink, eat, play etc. and maps will throw all suggestions basis the search. Once you select the place, just swipe upwards to see the full details. The search results will also mention the distance of these restaurants / hotels from your current location.

See a list instead of a map: Rather than a mass of dots scattered across the map, it is easier to see a list of near-by places. To see a list of your search results, type a search, tap on the list view icon on the right hand side of the bar and you will get a list of places you looking for.

Save your favorite places: Save home and work addresses to get directions faster when you’re on the go. For saving home or work locations go to Google maps settings and then touch on “Edit home or work”. The next time you use maps, you can directly type “home” or “work” and maps will automatically pick up the address.

Transit layer on maps
Select the bus icon on the top of directions To and From places.
If you wish to explore the transit lines available in the city you can just click on the “Public Transit” on the left panel of your GMM.

Besides above, many other options are available on this beautiful app of Google.


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