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TuneUp Utilities Reviewed

Computers slow down with time as we install and uninstall software programs, put our machines on hibernation, and even do regular tasks. Poor speed occurs when unnecessary files, shortcuts, and registry errors take up memory space. In such situations you require software that instead of cloaking your systems give them some breathing space.


TuneUp Utilities is one such software which gives you and your computer peace of mind. It is one of the first-rate registry cleaners out in the market that fixes computer errors and makes your computer work anew. Unlike other registry cleaners, TuneUp Utilities does not only fix computer registry errors, but it also performs additional functions. This registry cleaner performs general computer repair work to speed up your computer. Other goodies by way of features include TuneUp registry defrags, TuneUp speed optimizer, TuneUp start-up manager, and so on. The most exciting thing about this piece of software is that it spares you the hassle of inserting your operating system installation CD to repair your OS because TuneUp Utilities can patch up OS problems with just a few clicks of buttons. I found this to be very handy in a situation or two.

Now, have you ever wrestled with a computer file that would not delete ? ?

TuneUp Utilities has a shredder that ensures that you can delete files permanently. In addition, this piece of software can be use to customize your operating system. You can do a whole lot of things from replacing icons to changing user logon and boot screen.

In as much as I have said what I like about this piece of software, I would like to add that I am not satisfied with TuneUp Utilities as a registry cleaner. You may want to ask why. To put it shortly, it does not detect all registry errors. I was disappointed when Regcure identified and repaired a registry problem that TuneUp Utilities was not able to identify in the first place. However, TuneUp Utilities is different from other registry cleaners out there. This software is ideal for all around maintenance. It helps you customize, delete unnecessary files, and fix operating system errors.

You can get this software for $49.95 and a single serial key can be used for up to three computers.


This is a guest post by Dominic Acito, who brings a background as a high level super user to the Blogging world. He has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering and uses his experience at his own blog at Computer Too Slow. Dominic also enjoys pc gaming and sports when he is not working with computers.



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